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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Biden Chronicles: Part 2, In Which The Fool Finalizes Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of America

 Being a life-long believer that Capitalism serves humanity better than all other attempts to run the economy of a nation, I always scoffed at the Marx/Engels idea of the inevitability of the demise of Capitalism. But in 2021, with the advent of the Biden administration, we are witnessing the fruition of the Marx/Engels prediction, with the final phase of the Barack Obama effort to Fundamentally Transform America.

The odd thing is that Capitalism is not being crushed by the uprising and growing hate of the masses making up the American middle class as Marx predicted. Rather, the Communist Party of China is proving it is better at Capitalism than America is, and the Communists are using the Biden administration, along with America’s largest corporations, to hasten the downfall of the American economy. So some select Capitalist corporations in America are serving the ends of the Communists at the expense of American citizens, at the urging of Joey Biden and his band of anti-American leftists. Thanks, Joey.

The evidence of this happening is that our largest corporations and our leftist news media are helping the Chinese Communists, who remain in power by using slave labor, imprisonment and torture to subdue their subjects, and too many U.S. corporations are serving the Chinese government with the tools to keep the citizens of China subjugated while complaining about the a new voter law in the state of Georgia.

Big Baseball, Big Basket Ball, Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, AT&T and other large corporations are actually attacking duly passed state and federal laws in the United States, in an attempt to gain favor with the Biden regime, as Democrats assume more political power and control over the nation. Recently  major corporations in the state of Georgia attacked legislation enacted by the Georgia legislature, and these corporations asserted, just as the Democrat party wishes them to assert, that the voting laws were unfair to black voters, while many other U.S. states had existing laws on the books that are more restrictive in many respects than the Georgia laws that are being criticized. And Georgia’s voting laws are not nearly as restrictive as the blatant slavery practiced in China, and our corporations are not opposing any national practice of China, because China offers such a large market for American corporations to function in and make profit from, at the expense of their American customers, and the unfortunate citizens of China.

America’s big tech companies are leading the way to America’s demise and giving in to China by providing high-tech applications to the Chinese that will allow them to spy on and punish their citizens for using the internet or their iphones in a way that China’s leaders don’t approve of, kind of like the canceling of our own citizens when we tweet things that big-tech doesn’t approved of, and as when President Trump wrote truthful things that did not meet the approval of our lying, leftist press. These malpractices halt a free exchange of ideas and discussions and only hurt our nation while silencing true and honest expressions, and only the conservative side of the aisle is silenced.

News reports that were of public interest prior to the 2020 election, that may have harmed Biden in his campaign for the presidency, were eliminated from social media, where many unfortunate and uninformed people get their news. And CNN and other leftist “news”  outlets also voluntarily blocked the Hunter Biden scandal and failed to report about the riots that burned American cities from Seattle to Baltimore all summer long last year.

News contrary to what the government wants us to know about, like the covid lies, the constant leftist rioting, the rapidly increasingly murder rate in big, Democrat-run cities, the continued persecution of Donald Trump and his supporters, just goes away and is unnoticed as though they never happened.

It appears that fascism and Communism are indeed taking over our traditional Capitalist society, but not at all in the way Marx and Engels predicted. With the open border policy of Biden and the massive waves and caravans containing tens of thousands of Central Americans swarming across Mexico headed for the United States at Joey’s invitation, apparently because our big corporations want a supply of cheap labor in order to make greater profits. And with that greater supply of untrained and uneducated labor, thereby harming the employment options of current low-wage American citizens and threatening the prosperity and stability of our society, the nation suffers.

And don’t forget the corruption that led to the extended societal lockdown caused by covid, and the forced wearing of useless facial masks. And probably the most corrupt thing the Biden administration has done was to allow the corrupt teacher’s union, who refused to allow in-class teaching in 2020 and 2021, to write the alleged “scientific” justification and rules for the CDC that permitted the teachers to remain out of classrooms and demanding higher pay for the better part of two years. These corrupt, unscientific practices harmed American children’s health and futures, as the Democrats and the teachers waltzed together to the anguished pleas of out-of-work citizens and out-of-school children. This was destructive political corruption of the worst kind, and was proof of the demented politics of America’s Democrat party.

So, given that Biden has re-initiated Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America, what gives these fool leftists the right to destroy my nation and its constitution for their own dictatorial purposes? The liberty-choking boot that the far left Democrat party has on America’s throat could very well end our personal freedoms and our nation’s prosperity forever, unless we unite to fight this evil that confronts us.