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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, October 18, 2021

If You Want Evidence Of The Evils Of Socialism, America Under Biden Is Providing It

 We no longer need the Soviet Union nor China to inform us of the reasons that Socialism is bad. And the lessons of Venezuela and Cuba, former wealthy nations now suffering from the unending poverty and suffering of Socialism, are also unnecessary to learn the lesson of the horrors of Socialism/Communism. Under the Biden administration, with the Squad and the Commie Bernie Sanders screaming in the background, American citizens are witnessing the nasty and criminal nature of the fascist, far left world that up to now we’ve only suspected.

In a capitalist nation there should never be a shortage of anything, because the constant and smooth supply and flow of goods keep corporate profits high and customers happy. But under Joey Biden everything that’s been pleasant under Capitalism is falling apart, with the most recent example of the international supply-chain no longer being able to bring products to American buyers. So hundreds of ships carrying millions of dollars worth of giant containers of goods sit off-shore and wait their turn to off-load, if the products survive the long wait. 

But even prior to the shipping container problem, our nation was nearly totally shut down and destroyed due to something that occurs regularly and with greater or less outcome: the common flu/virus now called covid. Businesses were closed. People went without work. Social lives of citizens were completely halted, causing drug and alcohol use from the loneliness, and suicides increased enormously. People could not leave their homes to buy milk and bread without wearing the mandated face mask, at risk of arrest by local police forces.

The next step in the politicization of life in America was the thing that at first was bad-mouthed by Democrats, but with the coming of Joey Biden, the vaccine, which was hated and criticized under Trump, became the determiner of whether or not you were a decent person or a mass murderer. And Joey mandated that vaccinations be one-hundred percent in America in order to protect those already vaccinated (if you can believe the idiocy of that policy from the mentally challenged Biden) and mandated that corporations must fire all non-vaccinated employees under penalty of federal law. This policy caused enormous suffering, most of it yet to be seen, as police and hospital staffs are reduced to dangerous levels at the same time that Biden’s criminal action of opening or our southern border has produced over a million people illegally entering our nation, carrying who-knows-what diseases, and as the crime rate in Democrat-run cities escalates to all-time highs.

But as to Capitalism itself, in the past, with the possible exception of the administration of FDR, we have never seen the most proper and profit-driven corporations bend to the political will of far-left Democrats, to the point that corporate CEOs have begun to speak out on the subjects of politics and legislation, something forbidden until the coming of Obama/Biden.

Under Obama, and with increased acceleration under Biden, government has begun to use its power to control and regulate in order to get formerly independent corporations to speak out on political subjects.

Coca Cola, AT&T and Major League Baseball, among other big companies, took up sides on the voting rights legislation implemented in the state of Georgia, actually yanking business from that state, because Democrats didn’t like the laws, and causing economic harm to the city of Atlanta in particular, while negatively impacting the incomes of citizens throughout the state.

And who would ever expect the automobile manufacturers, after decades of making their internal combustion engines more powerful,  longer-lasting, and more efficient; and after developing multi-speed transmissions that saved fuel and reduced emissions, all done at the insistence of big government, would them turn their backs on this massively expensive progress and now revert to vehicles powered by batteries, on the false pretense that battery-powered engines are cleaner to run and operate than gasoline engines. This demonstrates the power of a far-left government that can frighten companies to behave in political ways out of fear of regulation, and companies potentially being driven out of business due to their political beliefs.

At least the Soviets and the Chinese had the decency to outright kill their opponents and not pretend that the populace welcomed these examples of government over-reach, but that is where America is today, and you’d better like what’s being offered by the Democrats, because America is the only free nation left in the world, it’s fading fast, and there is no where else to go to find liberty and prosperity.