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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Obama, All Of A Sudden, Concerned About National Threats, Warns Trump

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that Barack Obama is warning Donald Trump that North Korea is a serious threat to America, and he is alerting Mr. Trump to be aware of the seriousness of their belligerence.

Really, Barry? And your warning follows eight years of you practicing the do-nothing policy of “Strategic Patience” with North Korea? The only thing your “strategic patience” has gotten us is the threat and the danger that you are now warning Donald Trump to be aware of, and fix, after you leave office. I would call the eight years of your administration “Strategic Incompetence”.

If North Korea is such a serious threat, and most knowledgeable, thinking Americans have known this was true for the duration of your dithering presidency, then why did you ignore them for 8 years while, instead pushing the LGBTQ bathroom issue down our throats, or traveling the world telling all of your liberal national leader pals how unprepared Trump is for the presidency and how dangerous he will be in office, and opening our borders to anyone who wants to be here in order to take advantage of your promised and advertised welfare payments. You, Mr. Obama, have been the greatest threat to national security this nation has ever seen.

Are you next going to tell Mr. Trump how dangerous Iran is and how near they are to getting a nuclear weapon, and that they had better be stopped in that development or they may soon have the nuclear capacity to kill us? Is that the next idiocy to come out of your mouth? If our president Obama had cared a fig about the safety and security of the United States he never would have entered the idiotic nuclear agreement with Iran, which assures that they will have nuclear weapons, and the missiles to deliver them, in the next ten years.

The defense of America in general, and the specific potential nuclear threat of North Korea, has been completely ignored by Obama for 8 years as this community organizer “fundamentally transformed America” to look like a banana republic, giving welfare to everyone who refused to work and destroying jobs with EPA regulations and Obamacare premiums.

Now that our fool president is about to leave office, he is putting on a show of great concern for the safety and national security of America, which has been of no concern to him for 8 years.

I suppose soon he’ll tell Mr. Trump that the flow of illegal aliens across our southern border is a threat not only to national security, but hurts American workers who have lost jobs to this hoard of desperate people coming here to find work, and that this flow must be stopped when Mr. Trump takes office. Old Barry is just kicking the can down the road and passing the buck to president-elect Trump.

This belated national security concern of Obama and his warnings to Trump is one more way for Obama to undermine Mr. Trump’s presidency while covering his own skinny butt, because if any disaster hits America after Obama leaves, he’ll immediately blame Trump for the mess, saying “I told everyone he was dangerous, it’s not my responsibility, I warned him” although it will have been caused by Obama’s ignoring North Korea, Iran, and all other threats, for the entirely of his administration.

If Obama had been a real president and not acted like a community organizer all these years, he could have put policies in place to limit the expansion of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, and he could have retained the sanctions that, for a while at least, prevented Iran from building weapons to kill us with. But it’s too late now, and the next administration, the administration of Donald Trump, will have to undo all of Obama’s harm and put in place policies that will defend and protect America from the rogue states that Obama was so close to and so friendly with.

The nerve of this two-bit, out-going punk in the Oval Office to pretend to tell an adult like Donald Trump of the dangers facing America is outrageous, especially because he (Obama) single-handedly caused every one of them.