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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pollsters: Wrong, American Voters: Right, As Usual

All the American public has been able to see on cable TV or on-line the last several weeks is maps of blue and red states supposedly showing us where Hillary and Trump were going to gain votes and where they had to compete for uncertain votes. One minute it’s a description of Nevada and its Hispanics, then it’s about Michigan and its blue collar workers, and then on to another state for an in-depth discussion, all very clever, colorful, informative and all very deeply documented, and as likely as not, all wrong. No one knows until the votes have been cast and then counted which candidates will get which groups’ votes in which states, so this need for cable networks to waste our time on  predicting nonsense is becoming a little too much to bear.

I agree with Rush Limbaugh that polling is only used to make news and to try to influence voters to take a side, or to convince them that their vote doesn’t count against such stiff odds, so don’t bother to vote at all. After all, we were told a year ago that Donald Trump could not compete in the primary election against the large field of well-funded Republican candidates with their long experience in politics, and more recently in the general campaign we were told that Trump did not have a path to 270 electoral votes and that Hillary’s professional, experienced team, her billion-dollar campaign treasury with Hollywood pouring in more money all the time, along with her dedicated, locked-in voters assured that she would get the necessary electoral votes with an unobstructed path to the presidency. All of this drivel was part of the establishment and/or leftist bunch of hacks that make a mint off of each election season selling their worthless charts and opinions to the establishment classes in New York and DC.

Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency has totally shaken up the liberal power structure, with CNN’s Rachel Maddow assuring her shocked, liberal viewers that Trump’s election “is real”, that “you’re awake by the way, this is your life now, this is our country”, and the current French Ambassador stating that the “world is collapsing before our eyes”. And all because Americans voted down the ultra-leftist policies of Obama and Hillary and chose a new course for our nation. It almost is too idiotic to believe because Hillary’s every speech told us how bad the nation is after eight years of Obama/Clinton rule and how she must be elected in order to fix it, so Republican voters agreed with her about the state of the nation and voted for Trump to fix it. At least Republicans express agreement with her on the national situation that the Obama administration created, if not on the fix for it.

The liberal establishment was threatened and thrown into confusion by Brexit a few months ago, and now takes a second hit to the mid-section with Trump’s election as president and they don’t know what to do. And add to the liberal shock and dilemma the Muslim takeover of Germany, Sweden and other unthinking, liberal European nations that think they can have young, unemployed, male Muslims in their midst in vast numbers and not be threatened by them, and you have a very smart class of people who have made very stupid decisions and are casting about for someone other than themselves to blame. So they dump on our Donald.

So, as far as the American liberal establishment is concerned, be prepared for them to take aim at Trump and his voters immediately after he takes office, if not before, and attack them (us) viciously, and likely physically, as Hillary’s union thugs did to Trump’s supporters and volunteers during the presidential campaign. It’s not going to be pretty. Liberals are very, very bad losers, and they can’t accept that they have yet lost America.