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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

It’s Impossible For The Biden DOJ To NOT Indict Trump

 The political left has been after Donald Trump since he came down the escalator of Trump Towers to announce his candidacy for the office of the president.

They mocked him for a while and snickered at the thought that this successful, but laughable, man could ever become president of the United States.

But when he got the nomination to be his party’s candidate for the presidency the radical left stopped laughing and chuckling among themselves and got busy slandering him and trying to ruin his chances of winning the office he sought.

Thus began the radical-left, Democrat/FBI collusion that gave us the Steele Dossier and the Special Council, that eventually disbanded with no recommendations against Trump, but also made no mention of the FBI’s criminal involvement in the political campaign to remove Trump from the presidency. Should we assume that the FBI investigation into Trump’s imagined Russian collusion found no evidence of FBI involvement, or the illegal spying permits that the FISA court allowed? One doubts it.

What followed were years of a constant, bitter barrage from CNN and other far left news agencies spewing verbal indictments at Trump and his family, which told us of the absolute end of the Trump presidency as legal troubles came to the surface, and they assured us of the prison time that awaited the entire Trump family as the wholly-fabricated, “bombshell” evidence, based on leftist lies, mounted.

We also had two Trump impeachments, which failed to produce a conviction, along with the January 6th TV program that also failed to produce evidence of Trump’s involvement in an attempted insurrection that the Democrats were so hopeful they could manufacture from the little evidence they had available to them to achieve their lying goal.

 A short while ago the Biden DOJ invaded Trump’s Florida home, but found nothing which they could associate with an attempted insurrection charge, nor a charge of a state security violation, and their most recent move is the assignment of a Special Council (yes, another one) to gather planted documents (that’s why they invaded Mar-a-Logo and removed all documents in the first place) and their hope to get indictable evidence against the man whose presidency proved that America would thrive and become energy-free if his old fashioned ideas of hard work and abiding by the constitution and the laws of the land, were followed.

It’s most interesting that the DOJ move against Trump comes on the heels of the Republicans winning a majority of members in the House of Representatives and promising to present their proof of the Joey and Hunter crimes that we already know about, and it followed just a few days after Trump announced he will again seek the presidency in 2024.

The latest Biden DOJ move is being done because:

1) They can, even though they shouldn’t, and even though Trump made no such obvious and blatant political move against Hillary, Comey or Obama, when he had the opportunity during his presidency.

2) Trump has declared his candidacy for 2024 and the Democrats know he’s a serious customer who has proven his ability to demonstrate how dangerous and unworkable the Democrat’s woke, sexist and racist policies are in the real world of actual deeds and consequences, something the faculty lounge policies of the woke left can’t duplicate. The Democrats also fear that the next Trump presidency will indeed present the entire, sordid tale of Joey and Hunter and their influence-peddling of American favors and national security to nations like China (and possibly he’ll finally go after Hillary and her FBI collusion, because she actually committed an act of insurrection against the Trump presidency with her Steele Dossier, and her crime of exposing national secrets via her unsecured email server in a closet somewhere while she was Secretary of State), which evidence is already public knowledge and the FBI has had it for years, but has kept it hidden for purely political reasons.

3) The political left, during the Barack Obama administration, admitted that Obama’s Attorney General appointment of Eric Holder was for Obama’s protection, because Holder identified himself as the president’s “Wingman”, in place to shield him from criminal investigation and prosecution, while Democrats repeatedly accused Trump’s appointments to the AG position as being political appointments that they could not allow him to make.

Biden and his leftist Democrats need the diversion of more trouble for Donald Trump in order to redirect attention from their own political problems, and they need to get rid of the political risk of Donald Trump and his proven success in almost everything he did as president in order to limit the damage they foresee in 2024.