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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Impeach Obama

I’ve written several papers about the things the next congress must do early in their term in order to protect our liberties, our economy and get business prospering and hiring again, but another very important thing the new congress must do is bring impeachment charges against Barack Obama, and the sooner the better.
Specific impeachable charges against Obama:

1. He unconstitutionally took private property (GM and Chrysler) and personally ushered them through a designed bankruptcy process that ended with him and his minions owning the companies. This was a “taking”, pure and simple, and deprived investors of their due process and interest in the companies.
2. He is not defending the constitution nor the laws of the land by turning his back on the illegal immigration problem that is plaguing our nation. In fact, he is intentionally playing politics with our border security, as witness his telling Senator Kyle that he’s holding back on border enforcement in order to use this important aspect of our security as a bargaining chip against Republicans when it comes to negotiating “comprehensive immigration reform”. And then to top this charge off, he sued Arizona to kill their bill, which was only intended to enforce the federal laws that it mirrored but that Obama refuses to enforce.
3. Congress must subpoena Obama’s czars and make them testify, under oath, exactly what they are doing and with whom they are doing it, and it’s a certainty more charges will be forthcoming against the Obama administration.

Non-legal anecdotal but persuasive documentation that Obama is a failure and is not fulfilling his presidential duties:

1. His administration has generated papers devising ways of circumventing federal laws designed to keep illegal immigrants out of our nation, and these papers describe how executive initiatives and legal slight-of-hand will allow illegals to stay here, in spite of laws to the contrary.
2. He is not enforcing voter fraud laws (the Franken senate election is one example of voter fraud, among many).
3. He is not prosecuting voter intimidation offenses (the New Black Panthers blocked a voting station with clubs and threats of violence).
4. He places American cities at monetary and terrorist risk by insisting that prosecution of terrorists be in a large city and not at Guantanamo or another military installation.
5. He has installed czars who are plotting against the welfare of the nation.

Adults always end up cleaning up the messes of children, and so it’s up to the next congress to do the painful and dirty work of cleaning up the filth left by the present immoral administration and legislature.
Given the problems that have been created since Obama took office, and given that all of these problems have gotten constantly worse instead of better in spite of his telling us over and over that he’ll “never rest” until the problem is solved, how does a self-centered man like Obama take the failures and criticism he receives and how does his fragile psyche stand the rejection and disappointments heaped on him?
The constant failure and rejection and resulting turmoil don’t bother him at all because that’s the expected result when a politician unconstitutionally assumes control of the private economy and our freedoms, and it’s what is required to make more people dependent on government for support and sustenance. Instead of being a failure Obama has been monumentally successful in taking over and destroying our nation. He’s always in search of another crisis to take advantage of in order to further divide the nation, and he has two more years to find more of these crises. The next congress must impeach him and remove him from his seat of power before he does irreversible damage to this great nation.
Dave King
August 9, 2010