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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

The White House Idiot Finally Halts Russian Oil imports, But What’s Next?

 The idiot occupying the Oval Office finally blocked the import of oil from Russia, which was helping Vladimir Putin wage war on Ukraine, and stuck his chest out as though he were doing some good deed that no one else had thought of and deserved praise for his humanitarian efforts.  But the reason this buffoon finally took this reasonable and much-belated action is not because he’s a humanitarian, but because Democrats and Republicans alike were pushing him to do it, and he always moves with the crowd and never leads. But after making this announcement to do the logical thing in order to give some relief to the Ukrainian resistance, he abruptly turned his back on the press and left the stage, which is weeping Joey’s typical behavior: just run away, like he ran from the invasion he personally caused on our southern border, like he ran from his horrific decision to shut down the Keystone pipeline (and then blamed Putin for the increase in American gas prices), like he ran from his mandates to force masking and vaccinations on us, and like he ran from his imaginary, hallucinatory, pal, Corn Pop.

So, with gas prices increasing at a steeper ascension each and every day, what is going to replace Russian oil as the back-up energy source for Americans who are going broke paying for gasoline under Joey’s dictatorial rule? Not only is our personal use of affordable energy threatened, but where is the energy coming from in case Russia widens the Ukrainian war and our military suddenly has to be fully activated? Idiot Joey has already looted the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of millions of barrels of oil in an attempt to silence the huddled masses buying too-expensive gas (which action did absolutely nothing to lower the price of gas and only proves how stupid Biden is for potentially weakening our military of fuel reserves, should they be needed one day).

The White House dunce is so wrapped up in the fossil fuel/electric vehicle thing being run by the ultra-radical left of the Democrat party, that he can’t see the stupidity of his abrupt halt-oil-at-any-price policy. Joey feels superior for forcing Americans to drive electric vehicles against our will, but as we’ve seen throughout history, when government forces change on a nation at the spur of the moment, the results are never positive and only serve to weaken, and perhaps even destroy that nation.

Donald Trump gave America real energy self-sufficiency by reducing regulations and obstacles to domestic oil production, to the point where we no longer had to depend on oil from Russia or the Middle East, but the mindless Joey Biden reversed Trump’s independence-producing policies, and then told us he was going to replace Trump’s actual freedom from oil-exporting enemies overseas by forcing everyone into an electric vehicle, which a majority of Americans can’t afford and don’t want.

The larger drawback to Joey’s “green” plans was made clear to us when the CEOs of Toyota and Tesla, both of which companies are manufacturers of electric vehicles that they would love to sell to us, is that America currently does not have the power-generating capacity to produce enough electricity to charge millions of new electric cars, in addition to the current electricity load of air-conditioners and home heating, and on top of that lack of thought, Joey also wants to deactivate the current coal- and gas-powered power plants and replace them with solar and wind, which would only make the situation worse because the sun is not always shining and the wind is not always blowing. California’s repeated brown-outs are the future of this nation if Democrats continue their insistence on solar and wind power generation. And, by the way, the CEO of Tesla also advised Biden to drill-baby-drill, which seems to be a strange position for a man who has billions of dollars invested in manufacturing electric vehicles, but Elon Musk is a patriot who recognizes  a threat to our nation and its citizens when gasoline is made into an evil monster which should be prohibited, and Joey Biden is a fool who would risk the end of America with his foolish electric vehicle policy.

But, of course, our fool president will not allow the drilling and pumping of domestic oil to take up where Trump left off, so America is screwed with this geriatric dumbo in the White House.