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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, March 7, 2022

In This Once Free Nation, Our Woke President Has Yet Another Mandate For Us

 Joey Biden is a man who loves to issue orders, or mandates, as they’re known in government, to control our behavior.  He issued mandates to wear masks that we later learned were completely ineffective against an aerosol-borne virus, and he mandated that all citizens receive the covid vaccine, that we later learned was at best a therapeutic and provided no vaccination qualities at all and allowed the disease to spread even with the required boosters. Each of these mandates were emergency creations that we were told would control and stop the covid outbreak, and that because we were in an emergency crisis situation that threatened the lives of the entire nation, the mandates must be followed completely and by everyone.

We now know that there never was a national crisis and that covid only killed those who were already being treated for other diseases that had weakened their immune systems. Nevertheless, we were intentionally frightened by our leftist rulers in Washington with impending death if we did not do what weeping Joey told us to do.

So now comes a new crisis that we are told threatens human existence on earth with erratic storms and high temperatures that will end all life as we know it, and that our automobiles, our commercial jet airplanes, our air conditioners, our forced-air furnaces, in short, everything we enjoy and gives us a convenient and enjoyable life, are to blame for this existential monster lurking in our midst: CO2, created by burning fossil fuels.

However, we have seen no evidence of this monster making our environment hotter, the summer temperature where I live has been the same for years, with the most sustained temperatures over 100 degrees occurring in the 1950s and have not been seen since. But radical Democrats promise that life on earth will be baked completely in about eight years from now (2030 will be our death by fire per Bernie Sanders and AOC, who gave us only twelve years to live beginning in November of 2018, which means that the rising level  of the temperature seems to have leveled out in the last four years, but never mind that minor error in their lying prediction).

But since Democrat politicians have learned that if sufficient fear can be generated among gullible people listening to Joey and CNN telling us how near death we are from their latest existential threat, they can issue worthless mandates and keep us under their thumbs as long as they want us there, so they are in the process of mandating an end to our gas-powered automobiles that we’ve come to depend on to transport us comfortably and dependably on our personal business and pleasure destinations. The automobile is the enemy of the earth, and the gasoline that powers the auto must be eliminated, per Democrat politicians.

And just as the big pharma companies, and the politicians that issued and enforced the vaxx mandates, made fortunes from the supposed threat to American citizens attributed to covid, this corrupt bunch of scoundrels are about to mandate electric vehicles as the savior of humanity, and the profit from this retooling of our transportation industry is making new millionaires of our ruling class and their pals who donate campaign money to keep them in power. Of course a BTU is a BTU whether it comes from an electric engine (which will greatly increase the owner’s home electric bill keeping the car’s batteries charged, and the charge-time is much longer than it takes to fill your gas tank with gasoline) or whether the power comes from a gasoline engine which we are all familiar with and has been providing us with dependable fuel for decades.

But while the government has forced Ford, GM, Chrysler and other manufacturers to begin full electric car production by silently threatening them with regulations and a lack of government contracts for their products if they don’t follow the still-unmentioned mandates, our society is also being threatened with a shortage of electricity to light and keep the temperature of our homes comfortable, because Joey is on a new and stupid march to revert power generation to solar and wind, which we know can’t possibly match oil and natural gas power to generate our homes’ electricity. In fact, the CEOs of Tesla and Toyota have testified that there is not enough power being generated in America to charge all of the electric vehicles being planned and manufactured, in addition to the existing power demand Americans place on our fossil fuel-powered generators. Soon America will begin having brown-outs and black-outs like California has become used to with their dependence on wind power from their deserts.

The unbelievable increase in the price of a gallon of gas, just since Biden took office, is part of this weaning process to electric vehicles, and is the fault of Joey Biden and his forced halting of oil and gas drilling, with his cancelling of the Key Stone pipe line and his insane insistence on keeping American oil and gas production from expanding to meet our own demand, so he is now begging Vladimir Putin to sell us more Russian oil that we must pay for at market value or greater, while oil and gas under American soil is just sitting there unused because the doddering fool in the White House won’t use common sense and use the fuel that Donald Trump made America self-sufficient with just a year ago. And old Joey doesn’t seem to mind that the money he is giving to Putin is being used by that dictator to attack Ukraine and kill innocent Ukrainians. America is paying for those killings and financing those murders, and all because our old, senile resident in the White House has sold his presidency to foolish, radical progressives in the Democrat party, as well as the ruler of Russia, who has given the Biden family millions of dollars. So our reluctance to stand up to Putin as he murders innocent Ukrainians and threatens a wider and more destructive war in Eastern Europe is the result of a corrupt deal between Joey and Putin to keep the Biden family wealthy and to keep Hunter employed with dirty, influence-derived money from Russia.

The supreme idiot, old weepy Joey Biden, has often said that Capitalism without competition is not real Capitalism at all, so where is the Capitalism when corrupt, leftist, Democrat governmental officials decide to cast gasoline vehicles aside and mandate electric-only cars and trucks for every American? Biden’s orders are Socialistic, dictatorial orders, not Capitalist competition. Let’s allow electric vehicles to be made without first outlawing gas-powered cars, and when people realize the extra cost of electric vehicles combined with the severe operating drawbacks as compared with internal combustion engines, the competitive advantages of today’s efficient and long-lasting piston engines will win out.

In the meantime, our elected leaders must stop ruling by mandate, because there is no scientific evidence that warming/change is even happening, and if it is, there’s no evidence that our cars are causing it. These illegal mandates, and the lie of warming/change, are simply lies to frighten people so their actions can be controlled from Washington, just as the citizens of Russia are controlled from Moscow. So let’s stop this fear-mongering nonsense and allow Americans to live free again.