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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is Obama Going Mental?

On Syria:
Our petulant, child president thinks Putin has invaded Syria and begun bombing missions in the area from a position of weakness. Unfortunately the weakness is Obama’s, not Putin’s, but I have one quick question about Putin’s supposed weakness: If Obama thinks Putin is weak, then why, in the lead-up to Obama’s second election, did Obama quietly ask Russian Prime Minister Medvedev to beg Putin to allow Obama more time, and that after his re-election Obama would be able to be more flexible in his dealings with Russia. Why would Obama appeal for more time from a man he thinks is weak?  It appears obvious that Obama holds Putin in high regard, and that he couldn’t wait to please Putin by scuttling the plans to install intercept missiles in Poland. Our president only wishes he had the absolute freedom that the dictator Putin has, as he’s demonstrated by ignoring our constitution and making decisions in contradiction to public opinion on numerous occasions.

Obama is now president and is no longer campaigning for the job, nor does he have to debate Romney about the dangers presented by Russia in the twenty-first  century (Romney was right about the dangers of Russia, Obama was dangerously wrong). The man is now president, but he appears to be unable to tell fact from fiction, because he still has not learned what Romney knew all along about how ambitious Putin is. The future of America and of the Middle East is very much at risk in Obama’s hands.

 One fears Obama is so blinded by his pacifist, progressive, leftist ideals that he is unable to make decisions with a basis in reality that will adequately protect our nation. After all, did he not assure us that Iraq was a stable democracy in order to justify his removal of troops from that nation? But now, with a total collapse in the area, he assures us that Iraq was never stable and that Bush is to blame for the current problems because he sent troops there in the first place. Only Obama can have it both ways and still blame someone else for the misery he causes.

Our president insists on making idiotic statements like the one above about the weakness of Putin, but does the man have no common sense?  Is there not an adult advisor for him to listen to, or are all of his advisors from the college faculty lounge with no concept of there being a real world, nor any idea of what is really happening in Syria as Obama struts and gives silly, illogical, high school-level speeches? I’m afraid the problem is that Obama will not listen to anyone.  He does what Obama thinks is right and all other opinions be damned.  We know the military advised him to not remove all troops from Iraq and he did it anyway.

 Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” is going full speed ahead.

On the Oregon College murders:
Following the latest mass shooting (this time in Oregon) Obama passionately lectured America about this latest murderous incident. However, one doubts his sincerity about wanting to halt killings in general because he has done nothing about the massive numbers of individual and gang killings in major American cities, all of which cities have the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the nation. Because he’s so passive about daily killings in Chicago and Baltimore, I don’t think Obama gives a damn about killings at all, but rather prefers to sound off when a major incident occurs and try to concentrate more power to himself.  I believe he was overly passionate in the recent nationally televised lecture following the shootings because that setting allows him to appear sincere and get in the face of the misbehaving populace. And because the killings appear to be of anti-Christian inspiration, which prevents him from pointing a finger at the evil Christians and conservatives he really hates and wants to destroy politically, all he can think to do is lecture the unenlightened masses for not having his supreme wisdom.

In the gun ownership issue, Obama hasn’t been able to get his way and eliminate opponents like the NRA and the bible-thumpers cross the nation, so he’s become a petulant, frustrated and dangerous man. He’s had neither new ideas nor a change of mind since his youth, when he decided that big government should run the lives of all Americans and dictate their every action. 
Obama repeatedly lashes out at and criticizes especially the National Rifle Association, but the NRA has never killed anyone nor have they been an apologist to a killing, but has instead always spoken out against these unspeakable tragedies, while Obama has been forever silent about the killing spree in Chicago. It’s Obama’s job as president to encourage states and local governments to establish and enforce policies that stop the killings, but all he’s done so far is lecture his political opponents for wanting to be able to own weapons that allow them to defend themselves in the face of his unconstitutional do-nothing non-policies.

In general:

America is at great risk during this man’s last 15 months in office.