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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

To Obama The “General Welfare” Is Just Plain Welfare, In General

One must remember that the constitution was written many years ago and some of its words may have taken on some new and different meanings in the twenty-first century. But the time lag is no excuse for the term “General Welfare” being construed to relate to our present big government liberal welfare state, as Obama’s use of the phrase would indicate.

The words “General Welfare” were meant to serve the population at large and assure their liberty and prosperity.  But Obama’s welfare state effectively imprisons the poorest among us and assures their total dependence on big government at the expense and loss of liberty and prosperity for not only those poorest citizens, but for the majority of the nation as well as they try to pay for the government-imposed dependence of the welfare class.  In this context, everyone loses, but the poor lose the most because as dependence continues, and the government benefits get more lavish, the chance of becoming a fully functioning, prosperous, self-sufficient citizen begins to diminish, especially when succeeding generations of poor children are trapped in the government run public school system which everyone knows is failing badly to educate our young people.

Our nation has truly lost its way, and the press, which was given specific constitutional protection, assuming it would protect our freedom by impartially reporting on events and making the citizens aware of threats to our liberty, instead sides with, makes excuses for and defends the oppressor in the Oval Office and his liberal Democrat/progressive pals in the House and Senate.

Last night the Democrats had their first debate among the presidential candidates and the whole thing was one big enchilada of promised government handouts. From free college education, to single-payer health care, to the lie of climate change, to the breakup of banks that the government doesn’t like, to a big-government imposed minimum wage, to the dangerous distinction between “black lives matter” (but definitely don’t say “all lives matter”), the Democrats are full-blown fascist-communists and their multi-trillion dollar price tag assures the continued American decline if one of these fool idiots is elected president.  The whole program was one give-away promise after another with each candidate one-upping the previous promiser, and no one asked how all of these promises were to be paid for, nor did they ask how a nation can pretend to be free when government issues new rules and regulations on a nearly daily basis as a new aggrieved, dependent class makes its demands.

One of the most repeated claims made by the Democrat candidates last night was that our prisons are too full and we need to incarcerate fewer people.  The Dems may have a self-serving point in this regard: the liberal’s theft of tax-payer money and the related denial of the American dream of liberty and prosperity is a greater crime than any small-time crook could commit, so the Dems appear to be trying to make the argument that crooks like themselves should not go to jail for stealing our money through heavy taxation. But I think they should be behind bars right beside the guy who swiped granny’s purse, because the guy who steals property from an individual is not as great a criminal as the politician who legally steals liberty and prosperity from an entire nation.  All of this scum should be breaking rocks while doing hard time.