Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stop Listening To Our Government’s Liberal/Progressive Liars

In ancient times the religious leaders told people to fear solar eclipses.  The ancients were told that the red moon indicated the end of the world.  Priests told their flocks that the earth was flat and that the sun rotated around the earth.  But we forgive these ancients their mistakes because they didn’t know any better.  People learned the hard way to doubt what religious and political leaders told them, and when science and scientific procedures emerged, the population was finally informed as to what claims are true and which ones are wrong, or even outright lies.

Our own current enlightened times have produced a new variety of huckster that is telling us things that are absolutely not true and have no basis in fact nor science.  Things like eggs and whole milk causing dangerous cholesterol levels which can kill you; red meat causes heart disease; coffee is bad for you; oat cereal will make your heart healthier and offsets cholesterol risks; butter should be avoided at all costs because it clogs your arteries.  Each of these claims have been reluctantly taken back by our smart elite-set as not being true (in fact the concoction called margarine which was supposed to be the healthy replacement for butter had more dangerous side effects than the evil butter did, and some of the miracle drugs developed to counteract high levels of cholesterol have killed more people than the original “unhealthy” food did).

Some of the things we have been misled about in the last 50 years were at least presented with the intention of keeping us healthy, so the warnings can at least be partially forgiven for being innocently wrong.  But what they did is a classic example of liberals/Democrats/progressives trying to run our lives for us and telling us everything we must and must not do to remain alive and healthy.  We can forgive honest errors, but not intentional lies, which some of their statements were.

But now we’re being outright lied to, right in our faces and with the sole intent of making us subservient to our liberal/progressive government rulers concerning the lie of global warming/climate change, and the reason they want us to believe their obvious lies is to get more control over our lives and to be able to tax us higher in order to support their socialist welfare state.  This time, as opposed to ancient times when science was not available and understood, our government rulers have no scientific backing for their claims and are in fact ignoring science that is contrary to their dire statements. The only evidence they have of any warming is computer models programmed to give the results and conclusions the government bureaucrats want.  There are more scientists that doubt climate change/global warming than agree with it, but the warming believers will not let you hear from these deniers because liberals never permit contrary opinion to their lies.

In fact the current warming scoundrels make their devastating claims in contradiction to what we can see with our own eyes is not true.  In the 1980s Ted Dansen said that by the 1990s the oceans would be completely dead; but they’re not.  In the 1960s Paul Ehrlich said that by the 1990s the world would be starving to death and there would be wars fighting for food all over the world.  But science and the agricultural revolution prevented that from happening.

Barack Obama said that the oceans are rising, yet you can go to Miami, Manhattan Island, Honolulu, the Bahamas and the French Riviera and you’ll find none of these locations have water standing in their streets from a rising ocean.  The oceans are not rising. This is something you can prove to yourself that will convince you that your government is lying to you in order to take greater control of your life and to be able to tax you more for the way you live, and force you to live as they want you to live

But our ruler Obama has discovered that if he lies long enough and convincingly enough (remember when he said you can keep your doctor and you can keep your plan, and your family will save $2500 a year on healthcare costs?) that a lot of people will believe him simply due to the repetition.  We must stop believing our lying government rulers because they are on the verge of destroying our lives with their self-serving schemes. Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and he’s serious about it.