Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Who’s On The Side Of America?

Liberals and the lying, leftist press want to force Donald Trump’s presidency into failure, but they ignore the fact that a failure for his new administration would be a failure for America.

When one thinks back to Barack Obama’s election to the Oval Office, conservatives feared that his proclaimed “Fundamental Transformation of America” meant doom for America as he attempted to bury our constitution under a mound of liberal causes, but they didn’t start investigating him for various and sundry imagined acts as soon as he took office. Instead conservatives expressed their reservations and waited to see what Obama would do, hoping that their fear of him was unfounded.

But as it turned out, Obama’s every decision, from a treaty with Iran, to LGBT bathrooms, to a no-big-deal IRS scandal, to opening our borders to every person who wants in, to masses of idiotic and illegal EPA regulations, to unconstitutionally taking healthcare away from Americans and nationalizing it, to establishing sanctuary cities that would protect illegal and criminal aliens from the law, were all indeed intended to “fundamentally transform America” so it would be more third-worldly, less free and less affluent.

But liberal Democrats will not give Trump time to get his feet on the ground before they try to eliminate his presidency, and in particular they want his administration wounded politically before he gets his Supreme Court nominee approved and seated, and before he is successful at keeping sworn terrorists out of our nation, no thanks to the Ninth Circuit Court for blocking this effort.

Democrats are almost literally stumbling over each other calling the Trump administration liars and insisting on their alleged campaign interference by Russia in collusion with the Trump team, which even the Obama administration said did not happen, and all of this flak is being thrust forward to cover up the illegal “unmasking” of former General Michael Flynn by members of the Obama administration, when he was seen in an incidental meeting prior to President Trump being sworn in. This illegal exposure of General Flynn is the only illegal act committed in this entire furor, and that illegality was committed by the Obama administration. But the Democrats repeatedly attack President Trump for a Russian connection for which there is no evidence at all, only conjecture and accusations from the left, who evidently have conveniently forgotten the recording of Obama begging for Vladimir Putin’s patience as Obama campaigned for re-election and his undisclosed promise to the Russian dictator to remove American defensive missiles from Eastern Europe, as Putin had demanded, once Obama was safely in office for a second term. If one wants to find a “Russian connection” they only have to look as far as Putin and Obama.

It’s almost entertaining to watch the frightened Democrats, who only five months ago were on the cusp of locking in a sixteen year reign of terror on the American population, following Barack Obama’s eight year reign of unconstitutional edicts and orders, but whose candidate lost her assured election as the American people were persuaded to vote for Donald Trump and his pro-growth, pro-American and pro-constitution message. The Democrats lost the latest election in rare fashion and fear that they have lost power forever, unless they can now, in an unprecedented post-election attack, injure Donald Trump to the extent that he is no longer trusted.

Frightened people do stupid things, and the establishment Democrats are indeed frightened. But Americans who understand the real problems facing our nation and the real dangers facing America after eight years of Obama’s undermining and criticism of America, still support President Trump and his plans to make America great once again. He’s already done numerous things to aid in economic growth and job creation, and we want him strongly in office as he issues more executive orders, builds a wall, nominates more conservative justices to the Supreme Court and lowers taxes to further strengthen the nation.