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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Alarmists On the Political Left Are Willfully Destroying America

 Oh, it’s not that I don’t believe that the political left has for decades been slowly and boringly destroying the liberty and wealth that America has enjoyed the last 200-plus years, with their over-spending, their inflation, their over-taxing, their denying American citizens of their constitutional rights and their imposition of racism coming from the executive branch of our government. It’s just that the more glamorous and sexy things they support are rapidly killing the will of the nation to enjoy life and achieve personal greatness.

For example, when President Trump said that America would get through the covid pandemic as long as we remained confident and optimistic, the entire political left of America came down on him with all their might and viscously attacked him, saying he was not taking the disease seriously, that we would all die from the pandemic and that we all needed to mask-up and lockdown ourselves if we were going to survive a very weak disease. After decades of experiencing annual diseases that killed tens of thousands of Americans each and every year with no similar outburst of irrational fear and without the politicizing of a disease that would pass naturally if we all just lived our lives and pushed on through, only with covid have Americans resorted to masks and vaccine passports for survival. It’s a disgrace to our forebears that our nation is so weak and easily frightened by the lies of leftist political operatives.

And of course the lame-brained Joey Biden, even with President Trump’s vaccine to help save lives and rid the nation of the disease, is still ordering masks in federal facilities and airports, and has begun using fear instead of unity and intelligence to frighten everyone with a new strain of the disease that Joey claims is more contagious and more deadly than covid 19 and will likely kill additional multitudes of people, even those who have been vaccinated for covid. So American citizens are lectured to remain fearful and follow the government’s draconian orders to the fullest as the new threat spreads: keep your masks handy and be ready when some fool in government, making claims having no scientific basis,  begins shutting down restaurants and small businesses again.

Global warming, a complete lie also having no basis in science, has been revived lately with the heat wave in the Pacific Northwestern states and the collapse of the Miami condos. The political left never allows a tragedy to go to waste.

In spite of at least 50 years of leftists like Ted Danson, Prince Charles, AOC and Bernie Sanders predicting future fatal warming, along with the certain death of the oceans due to rising heat and over-fishing, these fools are still making renewed claims of death in a specified number of years, with the oceans sweeping away coastal cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Yet in spite of the political fear mongering, still those cities stand with no tides sweeping through their streets.

Add to the alarmist danger on the left the idiotic effort of Democrats to “Defund The Police“, due to the infinitely few deaths attributable to police officers killing unarmed black men, while Democrat politicians silently witness the daily annihilation of black men with black-on-black murders in cities like Chicago, which the leftist press completely ignores, or at least blames on white supremacy, and you’ll be able to predict a doomed future for America, if all you do is listen to the stupidity of the left.

When punishment for violent crimes vanishes, violent crime increases. The left automatically blames the police in major Democrat-run cities from Seattle to Baltimore as these cities suffer new waves of violent deaths, mainly in black communities which have the most need of police protection to remain functional and livable. And on top of all of this, our addle-brained president allows hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, among whom are unknown numbers of people who may be murderers escaping justice from their own Central American nations, hoards of whom are entering the United States with no idea of who these people are nor what their backgrounds are as they, bring more pain and suffering north to America.

And mix into the destruction coming directly from the American left, the idea that white children should hate themselves for their skin color and for their imagined racism, while the black people making these racist charges are occupying the highest political and corporate positions in the nation and being educated at the most prestigious universities America has, and you have a foolishness that anyone who is not wrapped up in a leftist blanket of lies and hate would easily see, laugh at, and discard.