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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, December 29, 2023

A Question For Democrats: Is America On The Right Track And Headed In The Right Direction?

 American citizens of a certain age will recall that during the Clinton administration, every time someone questioned the policies of the nation with the simple statement “the nation is headed in the wrong direction”, some fool Democrat would cleverly state “but we’re on the right track”, thereby killing any investigation into what mischief the Clintonistas were performing.  And of course conversely, the Clinton supporters would respond to the claim that “the nation is on the wrong track” with the clever rejoinder of “ but we’re headed in the right direction”.

So allow me to be the first to clearly state that the Biden administration is on the wrong track and headed in the wrong direction with all of its corruption, its ill-thought-out policies, edicts and illegal actions.

Setting aside all of the disasters that have raised their heads under Joey’s watch, including illegally opening our borders to every person in the world who wants to come here; the raping of the petroleum industry by forcing a concentration on electric vehicles; the bankrupting of our auto industry by forcing auto makers to make the unwanted electric vehicles, or else the full power of the government will descend on the company that opposes the big government edict; the Democrats are practicing open dictatorial powers with the unending persecution of Donald Trump, mainly because he is so popular and stands to defeat old Joey in the 2024 election, which would assure the defeat and good riddance to the woke, anti-Israel and anti-American idiots now running our nation.

With the far left Democrats in power, any enemy of the United States is pandered to, spoken kindly of in the filthy United Nations, and offered presents if they will just be kind to the Biden employees and policies, while our friends, including Israel, are treated like dirt. 

A couple of good examples of Biden Democrat’s love for our sworn enemies are our dealings with Iran and China: Iran is actually attacking and possibly killing American troops in Lebanon and Iraq, destroying whatever military equipment we have left after Biden gave away billions of dollars of materiel when he suddenly cut and ran from Afghanistan, plus Iran is near completion of a nuclear weapon and continues to state that they will kill America at the first opportunity. And China has sworn to overtake America on the world stage while building military arms that can out-perform our own weapons, and Joey is so beholden to China for his family fortune that he panders embarrassingly to the slightest whim of the Chinese leader.

Our nation faces untold attacks from the millions of illegal aliens Biden has invited to America, and it’s a cinch that every American family will suffer personal attacks and very likely suffer murdered family members, as the criminal crowd from around the world, and especially the Mexican drug cartels that Biden has allowed to grow in number, viciousness and wealth, begins to realize that all of these new entrants to America cannot possibly make an honest living and become fed up with the bare essentials that the government can provide them, and become a criminal movement that will spread across America and destroy this wonderful nation.

And don’t forget the efforts of the Democrats, even at the state level, who are trying to deny Trump a fair shot at winning the presidential election in 2024 by denying him a slot on their ballots. If you think the Democrat’s treatment of Trump is bad today, just wait until he is elected again in November 2024 and Biden still has dictatorial power for the two-month period between Trump’s election and his actually becoming president in January 2025. The Democrats, in their impossible hate for Trump and their fear of his policies, will go ape-s**t with schemes, political-legal charges against him, and very likely attempts on his life, because they are so frightened of this patriotic, America-loving, constitution-loving man, and in fear of his return to constitutional power and the rule of law.

America is on the wrong track, headed in the wrong direction, and there’s no relief in sight on the horizon because far-left Democrats are so desirous of a permanent hold on power that there is no possible way they will be removed peacefully from power in 2024. Just wait and see. 

There is an evil loose in America, and that evil is the Democrat party.