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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, June 13, 2016

How Can The Majority Rule In A Democracy When Big-Government Promotes Only The Welfare Of The Aberrant Minority Position?

How can the left pretend that they support things that will make America even more successful and wealthy, and make a majority of its citizens more comfortable, when they repeatedly and constantly refer to meaningless identity political subjects, such as being the first woman presidential candidate, or the first black president? These are historical points to consider, but what value to any American can possibly come from the first black president when he states that his primary goal is to “fundamentally transform America”, and then successfully sets about to accomplish his stated goal by doing things that amount to causing the destruction of all things that made America great?

LGBT restrooms are not an issue springing from any evidence that the LGBT population in America was being discriminated against nor deprived of facilities to fulfill normal bodily functions. In fact, the whole push from Washington to allow men into women’s restrooms was without even the pretense of there being any discrimination; it was all about “identity” politics. It was simply an order from Obama that we must obey. A vast majority of Americans have no favorable opinion in the LGBT restroom edict, but it’s all Washington and the liberal press can discuss, and it has caused the Obama administration to threaten to withhold education funds from any state that refuses to implement this idiotic “identity” scheme.

Additionally, we have thousands of illegal aliens crossing our borders every day and we have no idea who they are nor where they’re being settled, but Obama is hell bent on allowing perverted men into the lady’s loo. We need a president who will stop trying to bend our nation to his desired vision of what we should be, and let Americans live their own lives in their own ways. Obama basks in the glory of a false legacy for allowing illegals to cross our borders and for allowing LGBT people to enter inappropriate restrooms, but does nothing to stop a murdering terrorist from gunning down people in a bar in Orlando. The man has his priorities in all the wrong places.

Gay marriage is a wholly created issue that a majority of Americans have never shown any interest in promoting because marriage is not defined as being between two people of the same sex. Marriage has evolved over thousands of years as being the best way to raise a family. But Identity politics and a radical leftist attitude from Obama, who formerly opposed gay marriage in order to get re-elected, by the way, has made this appear to be the most important and urgent issue America faces, while millions of Americans are forced to accept welfare because they can’t find a job in the Obama/Biden economy with its job-killing edicts and its torrent of regulations.

Healthcare for the poor was a relatively non-issue (anyone in America, poor, citizen or non-citizen could go into any hospital and get medical assistance immediately at any time) until Obama found it to be a means to his “fundamental transformation of America”, at which time the Democrats lied daily about citizens being able to keep their plans and their doctors, forced a legislative vote without allowing proper time for the legislators to read the bill, and we ended up with this horrible law that denies people the healthcare insurance they want and has premiums and deductibles that in effect create a situation where even those with coverage under Obamacare cannot afford to use the coverage they’re forced to buy.

Under Obama only illegal immigration is considered good immigration. In a recent Hollywood video, created at the urging of the Obama administration, we saw numerous celebrities telling us how valuable immigrants are and what good people they are and how hard they work, when the subject that is dividing our nation is not immigration itself, but rather illegal immigration and how destructive these people are and how dangerous they have made America as they too often commit their second and third illegal acts: the first act being the breaking of our laws by entering illegally.

We’ve heard reports of boys, who claim to identify as girls, becoming track champions after joining a high school girls’ track team. So who, indeed, has come a long way, baby? Girls who work hard to train for a sport are being beaten by boys who joined their team, and this serves the girls in what way? I see evidence here of an Obama War on Women.

The vast majority of Americans know our nation is NOT winning the war with ISIS; NOT protecting our borders from illegal entry; NOT creating jobs for the massive number of unemployed Americans; NOT allowing choice in where we get healthcare and NOT allowing competition that would lower the cost of coverage; NOT making any attempt to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. But we do see an action front from government to force aberrant behavior into our faces and down our throats. Obama really has “fundamentally transformed America”, and we don’t appreciate it.