Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Destruction Of Our Entire World

 Aside from the death of a close family member or of a dear friend, and even these tragic events are in line with everything we understand about nature and life-and-death, perhaps the most personally disturbing thing that can happen is to see the goodness and justice that we considered to be not only Western civilization but the very essence of our own nation, going to hell in a short period of time under corrupt leadership in the Oval Office.

Joseph Biden became president and immediately reversed Donald Trump’s carefully built American energy self-sufficiency by killing the Key Stone pipeline, which, along with other pumping projects on government land, provided our nation with the energy needed to continue our personal lives and to fuel the military as well, in case we are attacked by a foreign military and needed an emergency source of fuel to help defend our nation.

Of course the price of fuel for American consumers began to shoot upward, and Russia and Saudi Arabia were asked, by the same idiot (Biden) who ended our energy independence, to increase oil levels that they were providing to us, but at a higher rate per barrel. And to top off this foolishness at the highest levels of (corrupt) government, squinting Joey insulted us by idiotically stating that he was seeking ways to make gasoline more affordable, while ending the very source of oil that had lowered prices and increased supplies during the Trump years. Biden need only look at himself and reverse his own corrupt policies in order to help every American buy less expensive gas and diesel for their vehicles. But Joey refuses to help Americans in these dangerous times, and instead serves the Socialist goals of America’s woke, environmental radicals.

The next step in Joey’s project of harming America was to levy and enforce mandates on masking and vaccinations for all Americans, while the covid disease itself was waning and causing fewer deaths than this already-weak disease had been causing.

But overseas, in two nations that we thought were the very essence of freedom, liberty and common sense, in Australia and Canada, we began to see totalitarian rule run amok with concentration camps for those caught outside exercising without a worthless mask, or an individual being caught anywhere while unvaccinated, or for driving a truck into the capitol city and honking a horn, in protest for mandating that every trucker had to be vaccinated or they could not reenter their own country after delivering a load into the U.S. Especially upsetting has been the Canadian North-West Mounted Police beating a peaceful protester in Ottawa. Since childhood I have loved the Mounties and the aura of them and their always getting their man. But after the display of violence they showed us during the truckers movement, I’m disgusted with Canada and its police force. The whole mess of Canada is just far-left radicals performing the violence that leftists always demonstrate.

It seems that the bottom has dropped out of all we knew to be just and correct in the world. Is imprisonment next for those of us who, although being vaccinated these last ten or so years for various annual flu-causing diseases with drugs that were fully tested and approved, refused to be injected with an experimental covid drug that has not been properly tested and approved, and for a disease that was 99.7 percent survivable, if you were otherwise a healthy person with no co-morbidities to cause extended health problems?

Future mandates concerning things that we used to just shrug off, like the common cold or the annual flu, will be a certainty now that leftist politicians have become used to issuing orders that the populace must obey, and the fines and punishment for these future health emergencies, like reports of too much carbon dioxide being in the air causing lung problems for certain individuals, which will require the outlawing of cars and trucks until the air quality meets the standards established by our rulers, are on the near horizon and are coming at us very quickly, in this pre-totalitarian nation.