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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Voter Fraud And Other Democrat Professional Lies Threaten Our Liberty and Democracy

Probably the most maddening and most repeated lie Democrats have expressed lately is the lie of the War On Women they attribute to Republicans, (even female Republicans), when Democrats themselves (a likely drunken Ted Kennedy caused the death of a young woman in Chappaquiddick; Bill Clinton repeatedly abused women and was accused of rape by at least one woman; Democrat welfare policies have imprisoned poor women to dependence on big government in order to survive, with no hope of work, dignity or accomplishment that would come from success and participation in the work force) are the best known culprits.

The various accusations of Republican racism are ridiculous at face value and undermine discussion of the many issues facing government, plus they threaten violence from those members of our society who believe this lie (Ferguson, Missouri is only the latest example of the danger of believing Democrat lies about white racism).  And how about the prominent blacks in the Republican party: are they racist against blacks as well?  Given the high visibility of successful black actors, musicians, athletes and business owners (and never mind our black president), the lie of racism being dominant in America, let alone being a policy of Republicans, should not survive for a minute, but because of Democrats’ repeated lies it is alive and well.

Barack Obama repeatedly said that his healthcare legislation would allow citizens to keep their doctor and their insurance plans if they liked them, and that Obamacare would save at least $2500 a year on healthcare for most families.  All lies, told often.  All intending to mislead a public who have traditionally trusted they leaders to tell them the truth about proposed legislation.  All told repeatedly by the President of the United States.  And, then a month before the 2014 mid-term elections, Obama had an interview in which he stated that lies told by Democrats running for re-election were simply “doing what they have to do to get re-elected”, and he was fine with that.  And to prove that the filth of these leftist liar’s run in a pack, Bob Beckel has repeatedly stated on the cable program The Five, that he sees nothing wrong with lying to get elected and would do it in a campaign that he was organizing as long as it didn’t “hurt people”.  But lies not only hurt people as mentioned above related to the Ferguson riots, it hurts the entire nation and causes horrible ill-will among its citizens who believe their leaders, as well as demonstrating laziness and a lack of real thought and hard work on the part of the campaign staff.

Given what we now know about liberal lies, it comes as no surprise that we are finding out more about voter fraud as committed by Democrats.  ACORN was a past (and probably present under a new name) perpetrator of voter fraud, and there have been recent examples of a more wide-spread use of this version of lying coming from frightened Democrats.  Our assumption that Democrats are using fraud to win is justified when Obama says that using lies to win is justified.  Bob Beckel stated that he would quickly resort to lies if they would give his candidate an advantage, and when Democrats in general wring their hands about voter identification laws being enacted by states, and when Attorney General Eric Holder states that his Justice Department will not enforce laws requiring improper or illegal names to be removed from state voter roles, we know what Democrat intentions are.

On a relatively lesser scale the lies from EPA administrators that their punitive environmental regulations don’t threaten businesses and don’t mean a takeover of lands and water rights of individuals in the United States are justifiably seen as lies.  And anyone who has a brain to think and eyes to see recognize the lie of Global warming/Climate Change, or whatever they call it this week.

The threat to America and our liberties and freedoms by liberal lies is obvious, but Democrats are blind to the blemish these repeated, gratuitous lies place on their own party brand.  How can their words ever be trusted again by the wider voting public after they’ve cried “wolf” so many times during this election?