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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Have Gun, Will Audit: New IRS Agents Have A “License To Kill”

 It’s amazing that the more our radical-left government tries to take citizens’ legal guns away from them, the more guns the government employs to use against their citizens.

If the news reports provided by Fox News are correct, the IRS may be the next terrorist force to attack Americans, because they are issuing pistols to all of their agents. Evidently the penalty for a misfiled W2 form is now death by firing squad at the hands of the IRS agent in charge of the case, and we all know how handy the normal lawyer or tax accountant is with a gun. So we can expect some unintentional fatalities with the next bunch of 87,000 agents that Joey Biden hires to keep his coffers full so he can continue to spend trillions of dollars on waste-time projects that serve the radical left’s political ambitions.

Will the new IRS agents be fully trained to handle and use the thousands of weapons and the millions of rounds of ammunition that the United States Treasury has purchased for them? One seriously doubts it. Our current administration is heavily anti-gun, so one can be relatively certain that these gun-haters do so-despise firing weapons that they won’t take the time to fully train the new agents on a firing range or in a classroom.

We’ve been repeatedly told by the radical Democrat left that guns kill people, but people don’t kill people. But since 87,000 IRS agents right out of accounting school and never trained in weapons use are to be armed and deadly as they hit the streets and begin accusing American citizens of prison-punishing violations of IRS regulations, one gasps at the killing spree that could result when this new wave of 007, James Bond characters feel threatened and pump a few rounds into the mechanic who tried to use his socket wrench as a tax deductible item on his annual taxes.

Tax audits are threatening enough without the knowledge that your accusing agent is packing heat as he threatens you with a loss of home and liberty, with the cover of big government to fully protect him. The fictional character of James Bond and his “license to kill” for the British government will have nothing on Biden’s armed and “ready to kill” IRS agents, and we can readily believe that these new agents will be willing to use their government’s permission to kill Americans, especially the racist, anti-gay, hateful, white-supremacist, MAGA and ultra-MAGA Republican extremists among us, because we have witnessed the stripping of all other rights from Americans since Biden took office, with an open border depriving Americans of a safe and secure nation; the forcing of Americans to wear a mask; the mandating that all Americans be vaccinated with a new and unapproved drug that appears to be more deadly than the disease it was developed to prevent; the sky-rocketing crime rate that the Democrats’ defund the police movement caused under the Biden/Soros idea of justice that is destroying our cities; and finally the invasion of Donald Trump’s Florida residence by FBI agents, also “ready to kill” for the horrible crime of keeping documents that the Biden DOJ wants, in hope of finding, or planting, a document that they can use to get Trump convicted of anything, and sent to jail.

This is not a bad dream that we can wake up from and continue our pleasant lives. The Biden administration is literally at war with America and its constitution, and there is no awakening from this stark reality. We must vote the leftist bums out of office in November, 2022 and regain a nation of prosperity and liberty again.