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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Two Attempts to Identify Why Liberals Are So Wrong And So Evil

Liberals Are Unable To Keep Their Own Arguments Straight:

When Liberals are trying to prove there is no God and no creationism they argue that humans are descendents of tadpoles and monkeys and are solely the product of “evolution”.  Yet when liberals want to stop human progress by halting a building or irrigation project they find a plant, an animal or a fish and claim that these innocent creatures are threatened with extinction by the proposed work, denying the larger principle that in nature, extinction of one species or another happens all the time, it’s “natural” and has always occurred in “nature”, because creatures who are unable to adapt to their environment must die so that others who are able to adapt can flourish and evolve.

So in the liberal attempt to protect the insignificant Snail Darter fish in California, big-government liberals deny water to farms in the Central Valley, causing the farms to go dry, causing food prices to escalate, workers to lose their jobs, and causing the owners to lose their crops, and then these fool, lying liberals have the nerve to assert that this drought (that they themselves caused by imposing draconian environmental regulations to help a fish that is unequipped to survive on its own) should be blamed on global warming or climate change, or whatever they are calling this convenient and political falsehood at present.  These people are insane as well as destructive by choosing to protect a fish that is unable to survive as nature created and evolved it, over the welfare and benefit of their fellow humans, who have been quite successful at evolving so far, thank you.

Liberals Threaten Themselves And The Nation By Being Unable To Identify Their Real Enemies:

Among the most confusing patterns of behavior seen in liberals is their insistence that America’s real foreign enemies (Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba) are to be tolerated, even embraced, as Obama is currently hugging Castro’s Cuba and the favorable way he’s dealing with the murderous Iranians in his ridiculous nuclear-arms development talks, but it is instead American Republicans and conservatives who liberals believe are the threat to democracy and liberty, and that conservatives alone are the real terrorists threatening our nation and its future.

These fool people ignore the fact that conservatives want desperately to preserve and follow the Constitution in order to assure the continuation of liberty and prosperity in America, and liberals seem to be enamored of any foreign dictator’s total rule over his miserable subjects and seem to be oddly attracted by that dictator’s evil intent toward Americans and our society.

It would appear that liberals are jealous of the total ability to rule and dictate on the part of the Stalins, Castros and Hitlers of the world, and that they themselves wish the ability to totally rule in America, and they resent the opposition to such rule offered by conservatives and Republicans because of the very constitution conservatives want to protect.

Author Lyle Rossiter claims convincingly that liberals must be insane for wanting to deny a free and prosperous people the ability to obtain their own health care and otherwise run their own independent lives, and for knowingly bankrupting and destroying our wealthy, free nation. I think Mr. Rossiter is correct.