Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Liberals/Greens are the Ultimate Racists

Liberals and greens present themselves as being good people who are only trying to help the poor and save the world, but listed below are some examples of liberalism's blatant racism and the mistreatment of the poorest people in the world. Some might say that these are examples of unintended consequences of liberal actions that are really intended to help the given situation, but after 40 years of watching liberal good intentions cause suffering and economic destruction, the only response I would offer is that liberals are either evil or stupid, and I don't believe they are stupid:

CFL light bulbs have mercury in them, so liberals want them to be made in China where environmental standards don't exist, and where we will not have to witness the sickness and deaths of Chinese workers who come in contact with them. And of course the added cost of the new CFL bulbs combined with the fact that all incandescent light bulb factories in the United States are being shut down will have the unintended impact of job losses in the U.S. And just wait a few months or years until the mercury in the bulbs, which are being forced on us under direct orders from big government, start making people sick. The EPA will then set up another large bureaucracy to deal with this new "emergency" that only government can deal with, but which could have been avoided in the first place with a little common sense and a government that was smaller as desired by the founders of this nation and as they defined in the Constitution.

Oil is dirty and messes up the landscape as it is pumped, packaged and shipped to refineries. So liberals let the dark-skinned Arabs or blacks in Africa do this dirty work for us so we don't have to see it, of course placing our own economy at great risk due to our dependence on foreign oil, when we have enough oil in untapped domestic reserves to provide for our own energy needs if only the EPA would get out of the way. This transferrence of the drilling of oil to third world countries is environmental racism on the part of government and the liberals who run it.

The EPA has edicted the use of corn, which used to be a food product, but is now used for fuel, to replace the oil which our nation has in plenty but that we are no longer permitted to pump, so now poor people in South America and Africa are starving due to the higher prices and shortages of corn, which the immoral EPA has diverted to our gas tanks, under their own internal departmental "legislation".

Our government, after prodding from Rachel Carson, judged that DDT was destructive to the environment, so it was made illegal with the result that millions of people in Africa have been made sick or have died from malaria. Now, after millions of deaths, we get a big "oops" from government, and DDT spraying is beginning again. But what about the enormous suffering caused by liberal tampering with a known safe and widely used pesticide that they arbitrarily labeled as harmful? They just give a shrug of their shoulders and say "never mind" and they forgive themselves for causing the pain and suffering. Some time ago a DVD titled "Not Evil, Just Wrong" was distributed and spoke of this very issue. But I would have called the DVD "Evil And Wrong" because liberals/greens are evil people who cause great damage to populations and economies, and never admit they are wrong about anything, they just keep on pushing the rules and the legislation down our throats and never listen to council contrary to their opinions.

Unintended consequences constantly plague liberal ideas and projects, and often kill people (remember the infant deaths a few years ago caused by dashboard airbags that inflated under too much pressure? When these safety devices were being developed, Chrysler told the government that the pressure stored to inflate the bags was too great, but the government regulations were retained, and children were killed. More thanks to big government and another "never mind" from liberal rule makers. But if Chrysler had been the culprit and had caused death or injury because of the mis-engineered airbags, both the government and a jury would have sued them to oblivion.

It's doubtful that liberals will ever learn from their mistakes and the people they've hurt, and because they love power and control over other peoples' lives, they will never admit that their judgement is occasionally wrong and they will continue to dictate idiotic regulations to a once-free nation. Our new legislators are the only ones who can reverse this trend of big government, restore the constitution and let Americans live free again. Let's hope they have the will and the courage to reverse idiotic and destructive laws and regulations.