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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Biden’s Lies Change Every Time He Opens His Fool Mouth

 When Joey Biden took office he immediately cancelled the Key Stone pipeline and refused to allow any future drilling for oil on federal land. His justification for this disastrous act that could threaten the future of America, was that (the lie of) warming/change was going to kill us all and we must begin exchanging our automobiles from gas machines to electric vehicles immediately. He claimed that 2030 was the end of the earth if we didn’t stop driving gasoline-powered cars, like his precious Corvette.

Oddly enough, the date of 2030 is also the date set by the very dangerous World Economic Forum (WEF) when it decided to end all rights of private ownership for all citizens of the world, thereby making slaves of all Americans, and Joey seems to be in agreement with these fascist scoundrels, by plotting the destruction of the United States and picking the same date for our demise.

In 2018 Bernie Sanders, AOC and the rest of the insane Democrat party had already announced that the world would end in twelve years, which would take us to the 2030 date that both Biden and WEF said would end all life on earth. So it would appear that America’s Socialist, Democrat mouthpieces coordinated their lies of life ending on earth to the year 2030 with our foreign enemies as well.

Then in the State Of The Union speech last Tuesday night Biden suddenly and unexpectedly stated that we would still need gasoline to power our cars for another ten years, or until 2033, by which time Bernie, AOC and Biden himself have said we would all be dead on a burning planet.

Joey and his far-left Democrat pals took up the attack on our way of life with the 12-years-to-death prediction (2030) that Bernie and AOC agreed with as being the death to everyone, due to the lie of warming/change,  as soon as the far-left Biden took office. But Joey is now saying that the world will not burn up until at least 2033 because, one would assume, Joey fears that many American citizens oppose his lies of warming/change, and too many intelligent people oppose the entire warming of the earth scheme, because in the five years since the Bernie/AOC prediction of death, there has been absolutely no warming of the earth that a human could possibly detect, if there has been any technical warming at all.

At what date can we expect the apocalyptic-left Democrats to either stop lying to us about having to stop living comfortably and begin living like cavemen, or agree on a date with which they can frighten us with their predictions of death and destruction? Our constitution assures us of life, along with our personal pursuit of happiness, and I would be much happier if the lying, left-commie Democrats would leave all of us alone and allow us to live life quietly without them constantly telling us we have to change our lives to satisfy their Hitlerian ideas of how life must be lived, which is based on their anti-American religion of fear.

After over forty years of the radical Socialists telling us that life would end in whatever period of time they arbitrarily decided on, and their predicting the melting of the earth’s polar caps and the icebergs floating in the oceans due to the increasingly hotter climate on earth, the truth is that not one coastal city has salt water flowing in its streets due to a rising ocean, and scientists tell us that the polar regions have more ice cover than ever before. So when will these prophets of doom leave us alone to live peacefully and enjoy a life without death threats every other day?

The truth is that they will never leave us alone because their “god” of warming/change is what the far-left worships, and their belief in this idiocy will keep them picking at us and declaring disastrous health threats until they convince enough people to join them, and at that time the purges of the non-believers will begin, and all rights under our constitution will be terminated as they enforce on Americans the left-radical religious beliefs they hold dear. 

This takeover of our lives began with the masking and vaccine mandates of the Democrat governors and mayors in 2020, and it will re-launch as soon as Democrats can get enough backing from stupid citizens to try to enforce an end to private civilian use of transportation, electric lights, gas stoves and all other consumer items we‘ve become accustomed to, based on false threats to our health, or because of a new pandemic, and then the likes of Joey Biden will impose draconian restrictions on every aspect of our lives, just like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations have been trying to accomplish for several years, by appealing to the imagined health threats impacting all persons on earth, while Joey and the WEF continue to live like kings with all of the things they deny us.