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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, May 6, 2022

The Overturning Of Roe Is Disintegrating Democrats And They Are Becoming Terrorists

 Boy-oh-boy, are we going to have a good time the next six months as Joey leaves his basement hideout and gets out into America to tell us citizens, up-close, what his real values are and why we should support his Build Back Badder patchwork of Socialism.

A few days ago Joey was reminiscing about a conversation he had with Robert Bork when Bork was a nominee to the Supreme Court, years ago. Joey lectured Bork about how he (Bork) wanted rights and freedoms to come from government, while Joey and his Democrats believed that all rights were “natural laws” coming from God-given rights to all people. 

What the hell is this fool man talking about? Joey might pretend to be a practicing Catholic, in spite of his full support of abortion at any time during pregnancy, but he certainly does believe in big-government programs being the source of rights in America, with Roe being the best example of such dependence on government, and the programs coming from government regulations and decisions. If Joey Biden is serious about what he told Bork those many years ago, and assuming he’s not a bald-face liar, which he’s been known to be, then he’s forgotten the consistent position of Conservatives and their belief in a power above government that gives American citizens our “natural” rights to freedom and liberty, as documented in the constitution. And does Joey believe that the practice of abortion is something that pleases religious people or his own Church? Of course he doesn’t. Roe was a government decision, and ending it via another government action is what is threatening to Democrats.

But the fool man pretends to be unable to see or admit to the violence that has exploded from the political left now that Roe has been rumored to soon be reversed. Joey and his leftist pals know that ending the Roe protection that has existed for many years as a gift from the Supreme Court, which is now deciding that there is no constitutional basis for such law at the federal level, plus the left’s realization that the states must each decide abortion’s validity in each of those states’ legislatures, is what is riling Democrats. It’s conservatives who always argue for a smaller government and being more aligned with “natural law”, not Democrats, contrary to what Biden allegedly told Bork. So Democrats and their nasty, foot-stomping tempers are proof that they don’t believe that a majority of Americans want to keep abortion as Roe decided it, which has been their consistent position on this subject with every statement they’ve made on the subject, because they fear a defeat if each state puts abortion up for a vote, at which time the voters of each state may vote it down.

And how about men now being left out of the abortion argument? Americans have been assured for years by the radical left that men have menstrual periods (with many woke high schools actually installing tampon dispensers in the boy’s restrooms) and that men can birth children, but now, with the imminent demise of Roe, all we hear is that the rights of women are being taken away and that women should have sole rights to decide what happens with their bodies. But what about men’s menstruating bodies after Roe ends? How quickly the radical left abandons their lying beliefs when the real world, not the woke world they live in, takes up a serious subject like Biology, and the real world and wins the argument by speaking the truth.

The idiocy and contradictions coming from Democrats the last few years is stunning, and they don’t even realize how stupid they sound with their proclaimed ignorance of biology and the differences between men and women. And then there’s the violence that Democrats talk about and practice when they don’t get their way every time, which is now being expressed with the doxxing of Supreme Court justices, which is intended to intimidate and frighten the justices into reversing their decision or have their homes burned and families terrorized by violent Democrat mobs.