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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Even The Absence Of News Can Be Fake News

We’ve all heard of the infamous “spike” that news agencies use if they choose to not report a particular story, but this can also be a form of Fake News, like when the liberal press reports false rumors, or simply fabricated data, about Republicans, or if they report nothing, like when Democrats perform outrageous acts or say unfortunate things that the liberal press wants to suppress. It’s easy to envision what fake news looks like when false news is fabricated and reported as news, but what does fake news look like when a story that is unfavorable to a political party, or one that is embarrassing to them, is spiked? Some examples:

Did the New York Times report the event where President Obama begged Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for more time for Obama to get himself re-elected to a second term of President of the United States, at which time Obama promised he would be more flexible, compromising and cooperative in meeting Putin’s demands for the removal of American missiles from Eastern Europe?

Whatever became of Obama’s beseeching Putin for more time, we don’t know. What did Obama give away to Putin in this unbalanced deal, we also don’t know. But it may have proved important to America’s interests if the investigative power of the NYT had reported this event and attempted to find out what secret scheme Obama and Putin were plotting and tried to determine its future threat and costs to America.

And especially following the 2016 presidential election when the rumor of Trump and his newly appointed Secretary of State were both being accused of being tools of the Russians and serving the interests of Putin and not of the American public. Maybe at that time a little balance could have been inserted by the NYT, or CNN, or MSNBC with a mention that Obama had conducted secret business with Russia’s Putin, while Obama was the sitting president, that seemed to be serving Russian goals at America’s expense. But I heard no such reports or speculation coming from the liberal press. Spiking a real news story is faking the news by pretending it never happened. One might also call the spiking of news that could inform Americans of un-American activity by their president, a lie.

Only Fox news reported the Veritas Project video tapes of Hillary Clinton’s staffers plotting violence and dirty tricks against Donald Trump and his supporters, with at least one video session mentioning Hillary as being the approver of the attacks on Republicans. If you recall the Trump campaign office that was fire-bombed in North Carolina you’ll remember that as being one of the Democrat acts of violence that just went by quickly while no one paid much attention, but it was violence committed by Democrats in an attempt to intimidate Republicans, with further editorial suggestions by liberal commentators that a Trump supporter may have set the fire himself, which tactic was also revealed in the Veritas Project tapes being as one of Hillary’s methods of operation (the insertion of opinion in a news report, meant to subliminally influence the recipient with the intended lie from the commentator).

Only conservative news agencies would report that a disillusioned Hillary staffer, not the Russians, leaked documents to WikiLeaks that exposed embarrassing emails exchanged by her staff while they worked with liberal cable channel news agencies to develop questions and answers for the presidential debates that would allow Hillary to have advanced warning of pressing questions so she could prepare herself with convincing responses, whereas Donald Trump didn’t know what questions he would be asked until he was in front of the cameras and trying to answer a question that his opponent was thoroughly prepared for.

The rigging of the Democrat primary campaign that assured that poor old Bernie Sanders never had a chance of beating Hillary was also exposed in this information leaked by a disgusted Hillary staffer, but the liberal press decided to blame all of the embarrassing email exposures on the alleged Russian hacking, and then relate that story back to their lie of Trump working to have a favorable outcome for Russia and a negative outcome for America in negotiations with Russia. All of this is why Donald Trump called Hillary “crooked”, and she certainly was.

To not report current happenings, especially news with political value that Americans need in order to know what kind of candidate they are voting for, and why maybe they should not vote for that person at all, is telling Americans a lie clothed as a “spike”.

The polling that the liberal pollsters found to be exclusively in Hillary’s favor, until election night when Trump trounced her from Maine to Florida, was all liberal lies and fake reporting that even the liberal press didn’t know was fake, because they were dedicated to the business of electing a liberal Democrat who would continue the “fundamental transformation of America” that was Obama’s theme, and a possible truth to the contrary was beyond their comprehension and was something they could not consider reporting.