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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What’s the Next Liberal Stumbling Block For Trump?

After months, perhaps years by now, of liberal Democrats opposing Donald Trump and attempting to make him appear to be a monster, all of the impediments liberals have constructed intended to stop Trump have failed. The list of liberal traps for the Republican are something like this:

The primary election,
The general election,
The recount,
Death threats to the Electoral College,
Russian hacking of something, anything (the DNC? the voting machines? whatever),
The Electoral College vote.

The House confirmation of the Electoral vote is the next and final official step in this process, to be taken in early January, which one can reasonably assume will be in Trump’s favor since Republicans run the legislature, but one wonders what the losing, resentful, criminal left will do to attempt to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. The leftist’s entire agenda, and Obama’s entire legacy, are at stake with The Donald in office, because this particular non-politician Republican believes in making the substantive and necessary changes he promised, and I believe he’ll be a transformative president who will completely upset and reverse Obama’s applecart.

The Democrats can always try to impeach Trump, but since Republicans run the House it’s not likely they’ll get the votes needed to impeach, and the Republican Senate will not likely convict, so this will be another fail for Democrats. But in their rage at being beaten, it’s a step that they will absolutely take.

Already we see Democrat attempts to legislate a way to undermine and defeat the will of the American people with their election of Donald Trump.  Elizabeth Warren reportedly has suggested legislation directed at Trump’s family business to remove him from office, but this will not likely become law, and she knows it. It’s just another example of how insanely crazy and enraged Democrats have become.

Obama gave the leftist, insane, Democrat crazies the ultra-left rules and regulations they needed to dominate and stall our economy and to negatively impact the American process of government, destroy the Republican Party and tame them into being pussy cats who would work with Democrats and agree with them on nearly any anti-American issue. It can’t be the case that Democrats don’t understand that Donald Trump has proposed policies that will make even wildly leftist Democrats and their families safer than the dithering Obama has made them in this terrorist-ridden world, but their safety and their families’ safety are secondary to Democrat Party political interests: they must have absolute power to dominate, intimidate and rule or they can’t be happy.

From past experience one could imagine some ideas Democrats might propose in order to block Trump that would follow Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”, which could take the form of insisting that Trump not be sworn in on the Bible, because the Bible is a Judeo-Christian document which may offend Muslims and atheists and risk further dividing America. Plus, the process of swearing-in is so old and worn out that it should be vacated; Democrats obviously prefer a dictator who will not be bound by oaths and promises nor laws or a constitution that restricts their actions and policies, but prefer a president who issues orders as seen fit at the moment.

I suppose there may be some substance to an objection to a swearing-in ceremony, because what good does it do for a president-elect to promise to uphold the law and defend the constitution if the president himself is a liar who wants to “fundamentally transform America” using executive orders to accomplish his leftist goals, and the opposing party is too timid and intimidated to make the president abide by his oath. Obama took the same oath all past presidents have taken, but he immediately proved himself to be a shameless liar by trashing the constitution and reversing established law with ultra-left executive orders and just plain “attitude” to not enforce select laws he didn’t like.

Unfortunately the real question is: after Mr. Trump takes office, will liberal Democrats allow him to conduct the presidency as he needs to do in order to change the course of events for the American public as he has promised to do to in numerous speeches, in order to assure renewed prosperity and security for our nation? Again the answer, based on Democrats insistence on being the power that rules the nation, is “No”.

To the detriment of our nation, Liberal/progressive Democrats do not believe in the ability of average citizens to know what’s best for themselves and their families, so they distrust elections in which average people vote and in which non-elitist opinions dominate and win. They’ll keep disrupting America until they get their way and assume total rule with an iron fist (and they are angry that Obama brought the nation right up to this point and then they lost the un-American power that Obama possessed), or until such time as the power-hungry Democrats are no longer elected to office.