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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Known Danger Of Obama To America Doesn’t Stop Liberals from Dumping on Trump

I happened to see a few minutes of CNN this morning covering Obama at the Pentagon, and all I heard from these partisan hacks was how horrible Trump would be for national security and how untrustworthy he would be with national secrets. Evidently CNN hasn’t heard about Hillary’s unsecured email server being hacked by the whole world, and who-knows what critical exposure this crime, as listed by FBI Director, James Comey, presents for the security of the United States.

But the crème de la crème was Obama officiously stating that Donald Trump could not be trusted to deal with a dangerous world and keep our secrets from our enemies. Does no one remember the whispered pleas of Obama to Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, begging him to tell Vladimir Putin that he (Obama) needed more time to work with him and that he could be more flexible in his dealings with Russia after he (Obama) was re-elected? Can anyone doubt that the flexibility Obama begged from Putin was related to Obama’s ability and willingness to sacrifice American security to Putin’s demands to remove missiles from territory neighboring on Russia, or maybe even setting the stage for Russia to re-insert itself in Syria without any American opposition to this potentially disastrous move, as indeed eventually happened?

Again referring to our national security, can liberals not see the danger of opening our southern border to any Mexican, Central American or other unknown national who can get to Mexico in order to cross illegally into America, with no checks at all as to who these people are and what they want here? And how about allowing tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees”, who have no standing government they can be vetted against to see what possible dangerous affiliations they may have. After all, ISIS has said that they will absolutely infiltrate these hoards of people, and this means destruction and suffering for Americans somewhere as they attack one our cities.

The liberal press is showing no interest at all in balancing the news nor of actually determining how to evaluate the candidates for president, they’re just dumping on Trump and allowing Hillary to skate free and continue her lying campaign.

After watching Obama’s idiotic briefing yesterday at the Pentagon I was shocked to hear that Obama is reluctant to provide Presidential Daily Briefings to Trump because Obama doubts that Trump can keep secrets that are in these reports. I’ve already listed above the breathless Obama begging Putin for more time to surrender any part of American’s security that Putin wants following Obama’s re-election, and this fool man wants us to believe that Trump would do the same dangerous things that would threaten America’s security?  And we all know by now the untrustworthiness of Hillary with any secret information.  The scandals of Obama and Hillary are real and have actually happened, yet the liberal press points a finger of accusation only at Donald Trump.

And if you want an example of a threat to national security on Obama’s watch, the Iranian nuke deal is a classic. Obama pretends that Iran has abided by all terms party to this deal and that everyone, even Israel, is happy with the agreement, when we see reports all the time of violations to the deal made by Iran on a daily basis, and Obama gives no recognition to these very dangerous violations at all. That’s why he saw no problems giving Iran $400 million in cash last January, even though Obama’s own administration admitted that these funds will definitely be used to spread terror around the world and kill more people, many of whom will be Americans. How can one man, Obama, be so dangerous and make such horrible decisions, and still the liberal press swoons at his every word and action and treats him like a hero?

And how about the increased danger to Americans that results from Obama paying a ransom to Iran for the return of the five Americans released from Iranian imprisonment. This illegal act of Obama’s will only encourage enemies of America to kidnap more of our citizens in anticipation of further ransom payments. And where did Obama secretly get the $400 million he gave the Iranian terrorists? During the Pentagon press meeting Obama had savaged the Republican legislature for not coming up with money to develop a defense against the Zika virus, but in January he produced $400 million with no effort at all.  Where did this money come from?

Intelligent Americans understand that Obama is a disaster for this country and that Trump would redo or undo much of the evil of Obama, and they understand that Donald Trump must be the next president of the United States.