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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Government Is Nearly Always The Problem

When considering where to place the blame for an impoverished society one should recall the classic examples of East and West Germany and North and South Korea.  In both instances the free, capitalist side was prosperous and the government-controlled, enslaved side lived terrible, frightened, hungry and cold existences.  Both sides of the national boundries were populated by the same people, often the same families divided by chance between free and controlled governments.  So why the prosperity of one and the want and hunger of the other?

Government is the difference!

The government that leaves people alone  to seek their own lives and happiness and allows them to establish businesses, work where it pleases them to work, to buy the products they want to buy, to eat the food they want to eat, rather than have the government approve the product purchases and to edict the food they are allowed to eat, creates the happiest and most prosperous society in which to live.  That's part of the reason we have such an immigration problem in America today: people fed up with their own corrupt, controlling governments in their native countries come here to have a better chance to have some prosperity and a better life for their children.

So now consider the United States at present and compare it with what the situation was ten years ago:

Ten years ago we had a national debt that was large but manageable.  Today there is no end in sight to the borrowing and spending of our foolish government.  And Obama insists that there is no spending problem.

Ten years ago the nation was happy with its healthcare.  Today government is still trying to sell the destruction of our healthcare system to us and shove it down our throats, even though we already see the poorer care we are getting at the same time that the costs and government regulations and control are increasing dramatically.

Ten years ago gasoline cost half what it costs today, and even though our nation has untapped reserves of oil, gas and coal that would make us independent of foreign sources and could reduce the cost of transportation and home heating for all Americans, the Obama administration will not permit us to use the domestic reserves.

Ten years ago the price of corn was reasonable.  Today, at government edict, we use corn as a fuel, not solely for food, which makes food more expensive for poor families and causes hunger and desperation around the world  because of the environmentally-vacant, morally bankrupt use of a valuable food as a fuel additive.

Ten years ago our electric utilities were planning for the growth of their electric-generating plants in anticipation of population growth and to cover the expansion of businesses and the resulting increase in electricity demand.  Today, electric utilities are being shut down by the unbelievable mountain of regulations coming from the Obama administration, and the future of the nation is seriously in doubt since fewer electricity plants are likely to cause brown-outs or even black-outs, and if businesses ever begin to recover from the punishment they are getting from Obama's heathcare and other regulations, there may not be sufficient  electric power available for the businesses to grow and expand.

And probably most important is the defense of the nation in this very dangerous age of increasingly unstable governments developing nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  The Obama administration is intent on reducing our military prowess and making our military forces less able to defend the nation.

But the United States doesn't need to think very long about Germany and Korea to find the problem with America today.  Just compare ten years ago with your life and expectations today and you'll see that the present problem is big government under Obama.

Unconstitutional, overspending, regulation-crazy, environmentally-insane, arrogant government is intentionally destroying this great nation, and patriots must band together and convince Republicans in Washington to start reducing the destruction NOW, and start impeachment proceedings against Obama for his various unconstitutional acts immediately, from ignoring the attack on our citizens in Banghazi and going to bed while Americans were tortured and killed, to allowing Fast and Furious to sell guns to bad guys who killed a border agent, to not obeying immigration law already on the books and suing Arizona for trying to do so.