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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Diversity And Other Liberal Propaganda

It's often difficult trying to understand the points liberals try to make.  There have been several newspaper articles lately about the subject of diversity.  Diversity is everywhere and surrounds us at our every movement, but of course when liberals use the word "diversity" they are referring to their old fall-back position of race and racism, which is all liberals understand.

In one of the articles written by The Kansas City Star they made a point of preaching the praises of diversity in a local school (Olathe North) which is already racially diverse, and had to refer  to other schools, having a more imbalanced racial mixture in their student bodies, as being less fair and less "diverse".  But even these less "diverse" schools still have diversity, just not to the level the liberals would prefer; they'd rather the government take control and assure that there is an equal numeric balance of the races in American schools.

So do liberals want to push for the billion dollar waste and tragedy that bankrupted and destroyed the Kansas City Missouri school district?  Do they want more busing of students across school boundaries?  There are no longer metropolitan schools that are solely white, so what are liberals continuing to complain about?  In America we have minorities who are multi-millionaire athletes, actors and performers, a black president, minority members of Congress and the Senate, minority Supreme Court Justices, black corporate leaders and university professors.  So where's the beef?

Complaints by liberals are no longer about inclusion or exclusion of a class of students, but instead seem to be an attempt to remain relevant in a changing nation.  In fact the shoe should be on the other foot: Conservatives' beliefs in freedom of religion, an understanding and study of the U.S. Constitution, an appreciation of the exceptionalism of America on the world stage, and America's acceptance of minorities from all over the world need more emphasis in the nation's schools.

Diversity has been achieved and the nation has moved beyond it.  The leftists should declare victory and relax, but if they claim victory they lose an issue, so they continue their racist rant and keep churning the pot and making young people who don't know better feel resentful for imagined abuses.

American society has left liberals behind in terms of "diversity", and we could likely greatly reduce poverty as well as discrimination if government didn't entice people to depend on welfare handouts and would  instead encourage them to get educated, become employed and become as successful as their abilities allow.

But for liberals, especially the politicians, the votes and loyalty of the dependent class are too attractive and rewarding to allow these dependents to escape the yoke of big government.  Therein lies the problem that is destroying tens of thousands of young lives and assuring that they live in poverty and dependence.

It's a shame that "diversity" considerations make the local press focus on what divides us (race, ethnicity and income level) rather than on what unites our nation and its students.  And it also improperly concentrates on what students want, and not on the solid academic education they need in order to succeed and prosper.  The diversity issue is a disservice to students.