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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Stupid President And His Attack On Staples

Recently Obama attacked the Staples office supply company over the issue of whether or not they could afford to pay the increased costs of healthcare for their part-time staff.  The stupidity and lack of understanding of how business works that came from Obama’s statements is overwhelming and his ignorance of where a company’s money comes from is frightening.
If Obama wants to travel somewhere (and our president is always flying somewhere even though our nation and the world are falling apart in front of our eyes due to his lack of attention) he simply orders Air Force One and it’s there, like magic (but it’s not magic; the aircraft, which is donated by Boeing and is only available for Obama’s personal use because Boeing is able to remain profitable, its pilots and its fuel all have to be paid for by the tax-payers, and there is no concern for any environmental damage related to the jet fuel consumption of the aircraft, regardless of the hand-wringing screeches about the lie of global warming/climate change we hear from Obama).  If Obama wants his family to follow him later, another aircraft is pulled from the hangar and the family joins him.  If Obama then wants the family dog to accompany them, yet another jet is pulled from the hangar and the dog is transported to the family.  There is no concern nor consideration on Obama’s part about costs and inconveniences to provide this enormous benefit to him.  Obama is a taker, not a maker.
On the other hand, when Staples wants an aircraft for corporate travel they have to come up with the money to pay for it.  Boeing doesn’t give aircraft to them, they have to pay for all travel from their profits (and profits come from dealing in the marketplace and competing with other companies while trying to please their customers), whether they own or lease the aircraft or fly commercially they must budget the expenditure among their other budgetary considerations, and if the cost of one expenditure goes up they must reduce their costs in another area in order to keep their books balanced.  Obama does not have to budget anything and he doesn’t have to earn money in order to run his administration.  Similarly the House and Senate don’t have to compete and earn the money they spend. Their salaries are simply given to them from the taxes we all pay.  They are given a million dollars each to pay for their staffs, to train the staff and to travel for any government business they may conduct (and occasionally they ride military aircraft which is also free for them at tax payer cost).
The ignorance of Obama is unbelievable in his belief that a billion dollar company can pay the cost of healthcare for its employees and that it doesn’t have to worry about budgeting these escalating costs.  Obama has added trillions of unpaid-for dollars to the national debt because he can simply print money if it’s not readily available from the treasury, and he can push worries about paying off this debt to future generations with no idea of what it will cost his, or our, grandchildren in increased taxes and reduced living standards.  Private companies can’t ignore the reality of costs as Obama can do, they have competitors to worry about, customers to please and serve, and increasing taxes to pay.  Government doesn’t have such worries, they just raise taxes on companies like Staples who then must fit the increased taxes into their other expenses.

And occasionally Obama even attacks the companies that give him the pleasures and convenience he enjoys in the office of the president: the National Labor Relations Board attacked Boeing (the company who provides a fleet of aircraft for the president and his administration to use) by denying them the ability to control their expenses by moving some of their operations to South Carolina in order to reduce some of their labor costs.  The unions (which give money to Obama to keep him in office) didn’t like Boeing’s attempt to operate more economically and save money by paying lower wages to non-union American citizens (and in this way perhaps try to offset some of the expense of providing and maintaining the free planes they give Obama).

The socialist/communist attitude of Obama, assuming that he can order anyone to do his bidding, and that he can issue orders that increase the cost of living and the cost of doing business for an entire nation (the EPA increases the cost of power plants to generate power which in turn increases costs every American company and costs its citizens more to make their homes comfortable; Obama takes over healthcare which increases these costs for every American and decreases their standard of living.  And our Republican legislators, with John Boehner at their head, who were just elected in a landslide election in November, make the fool statement that Americans voted them into office so they could work with Obama and get some legislating done.  But Boehner doesn’t get it: we want Obama stopped in all of his illegal actions, and stopped NOW!  That’s why the Republicans were elected to office in unprecedented numbers.)

And beyond Obama’s ignorance of how businesses work, how the American economy functions and how the nation remains prosperous, he was factually wrong about the part-time staff at Staples  which got him all hot and bothered in the first place.  Obama makes uninformed statements that attack a good company, and then flies off (in a Boeing 747, by the way) to raise money from an adoring crowd.  He never apologizes for his incorrect, injurious statements like real people do.  The press never holds him accountable for his errors and numerous scandals (such as four deaths in Benghazi and one American death in the fast and furious fiasco, among others).

Of course Obama is a veteran liar who recently told us that Yemen is a classic example of his great policy success in the middle east (just before our Yemeni embassy was attacked and hastily closed and evacuated), and who recently boasted about his administration ending fighting in Iraq (before sending a request to congress to authorize renewed military action there), and who repeatedly assured the American voting public that he believed marriage should be between a man and a woman (but now in a book just published by David Axelrod we learn that he was lying to get votes and that he always favored homosexual marriage), so maybe he really doesn’t believe what he says about the way Staples is doing business, but we’ll never get the truth from his mouth.

Most people understand that corporations and families have the same basic need in order to continue to exist: they must make their finances balance at the end of the year (which the government will not even try to do) and they both have to make a profit or they will go broke and fold.  A corporation may have to sell the corporate jet to stay solvent and a family may have to drive the same old car for another year or delay a planned vacation until another time in order to make ends meet.  But government, where our esteemed president lives and works, just keeps on spending, keeps on printing money, continues to accumulate more and more debt and keeps on regulating the lives of Americans and making their lives more difficult and expensive.