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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Donald’s Comments Don’t Worry Me At All

Much ado has been made of Donald Trump’s recent comments about keeping Muslim extremists out of our country until we can find a way to stop the killings of Americans committed by these people. The single most galling reaction to Trump’s statement was Josh Earnest stating that Trump should be disqualified from seeking the presidency because his comment was unconstitutional and that only those candidates who would abide by the presidential promise to “protect and defend the Constitution” should be allowed to run.  The damned fool Earnest conveniently overlooks the fact that Obama is daily trashing and burning the Constitution by insisting on taking guns and rifles away from law-abiding Americans in direct violation of the second amendment, and Obama otherwise defies the Constitution in every way possible by ignoring immigration laws and changing laws that are inconvenient to his political leanings.  And I’d like to hear one of the so-smart critics of Trump tell exactly what part of the Constitution he has violated with his statement. All Trump is doing is suggesting ways to protect Americans from unprovoked terrorist attacks, while Obama, on the other hand, seems intent on allowing more killings by welcoming additional thousands of refugees from Syria.

All these fools want to do is bad-mouth the leading Republican who is saying the only direct-to-the-issue solutions to America’s problems that anyone is daring to utter. And I am ashamed of the other Republican presidential candidates (with the exception of Ted Cruz) for taking the liberal position and giving liberals additional political ammunition by dumping on Trump for telling the truth and stating something that common sense would suggest needs to be done.

But I’m disappointed by all politicians, and especially our beloved Barack Obama, who loves to take the stage and tell Americans what “America stands for”, remind us of “how America does things” and tell us that this thing or another is not “what we are”.  No one in the history of this nation has been as destructive of what America is, and what America has done, and more destructive to our Constitution, than Barack Insane Obama.  And of course Paul Ryan had to add to the injury big government has caused Americans by also criticizing Trump.

This great nation has been beset by liberal fools and idiots and is being ruled by the literally insane. Proof of this insanity is that numerous Syrians have tried to illegally enter America in recent weeks using illegal passports; ISIS has stated that they will infiltrate the refugees entering our nation; one of the San Bernardino terrorists was recently vetted upon her entry to our country and we now know how successful her vetting was; and we know that there is virtually no screening that can be done to be sure Syrian refugees are not associated with terrorist groups because there is no functioning, dependable government left in that part of the world. And with all of this evidence that we are doing something very wrong that prevents us from being safe in our own nation, Obama will not take the logical, common sense precaution of halting the refugee invasion of America, but instead insists on pushing full speed ahead to get additional tens of thousands of these people here as soon as possible. One would hope that the recent San Bernardino terrorist murders would wake Obama and the liberals up to the danger America faces here at home, but they remain deranged and immune to common sense.