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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Liberal Confusion On Evolution And Creation

If the various species on earth were created by God then it would seem logical to religious conservatives that we should protect these animals and plants to assure that they continue to exist and not become extinct. But liberals don’t believe in creation, insist that all species came about through evolution, and yet they still insist that dwindling species be protected and kept alive with strict government rules and regulations, in spite of their own liberal position that the world as we know it developed via evolution and survival of the fittest.  They seem to not be aware that there have been more species that have evolved and then become extinct than there are species currently living on earth.  And the vast majority of these now-extinct species died off long before humans came along to pollute the air with SUVs and steel mills. At least part of the liberal theory of evolution is true, evolution does absolutely occur over time, but then they attempt to deny evolution its natural process by demanding that we artificially protect species that are at present in decreasing numbers. I would take this decreasing numbers aspect as proof that the dwindling animal population is unable to compete, that evolution is working fine and let nature and evolution take their course.

Knowing liberals as I’ve come to know them, I’m very suspicious that the Endangered Species Act is just an attempt to grow government in order to control the private lives of Americans and control land development and land use throughout the nation, because it has nothing to do with any principled belief concerning evolving animal or plant life. The Act halts the “natural” evolutionary extinction of species that can no longer house or feed themselves, and it perverts their actual evolution toward extinction, thereby depriving some new thriving, evolving species their own space and food as they try to compete with dying species.

The pretense of concern on the part of liberals for individual members of a species that is becoming extinct is a false concern because liberals have in the past transported protected animals hundreds of miles from their natural environment to a location to which they are foreign, simply to enable liberals to then claim that this foreign area is now off-limits to humans and development because the protected animal was surprisingly found there (under false pretenses). This is simply a land-grab that we are familiar with from liberals and not a legitimate concern for an animal at all.  This type of action on the part of liberals proves they are only interested in winning and dominating their opponents with the assistance of the big hammer of government, when their opponents only want to be left alone by big-government, and it shows a disregard for the innocent animal they abruptly relocated to an area where they may not be able to survive, and may suffer and die as a result of this mistreatment and abuse for political purposes.

Liberals’ actions are contrary to real evolution because liberals always insist on rules and regulations that are artificial to nature in order to control the environment, and especially to control humans, which disrupts the natural evolution that would occur if liberals, who are as much a part of natural evolution as any other animal, were not there pushing their “unnatural” agenda.

However, liberals might counter that they, as humans, are part of nature and that their attempts to preserve a non-evolving plant or animal is in keeping with the broader term of “natural selection”, except that this position leaves the door open for other “natural” humans to drive SUVs, build homes and places of business in the wilderness and attribute this living space expansion to their own evolving humanness. But liberals, with their big-government links, will not permit this argument any traction.

Liberals can’t see that their own governmental rules and regulations are in contradiction to their stated goals of evolution and living in accordance with natural processes.  They forget about the owls that they claimed were extinct because of a Wal-Mart store having been built in a particular location, until it was discovered that the owl was indeed still living and thriving and had built a very comfortable nest in the building’s Wal-Mart sign.  Liberals are blocking natural selection and evolution with their phony lies and government rules, and they should just admit that all humans are part of nature and should be allowed to do what humans do the best: we live well and expand and thrive when we are free of government control and coercion. Someday humans will likely over-expand or commit a major error and will die out, but nothing liberals can do will prevent that from happening.

Every thinking person knows that there have been several cataclysmic events in the past millions of years that have wiped out all or most life on earth, and that this process is part of the evolution of the earth.  All we humans can do is live our lives, we can’t control new ice ages nor asteroid strikes, as have happened in the past. But humans should be allowed to live free and not be burdened with anti-natural rules and regulations from big-government liberals.