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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Trump Successfully Developed Warp Speed. Biden Failed Miserably At Everything With His Inadequacy And Corruption

 One wonders why the long-used and proven-effective therapeutic of hydroxychloroquine is not on the Biden government’s list of remedies for those persons suffering from the Wuhan virus. President Trump took the drug before a “vaccine” was available, and it seemed to work fine. And now that “vaccines” are available, we find that they really don’t prevent infection from covid, and “prevention” is the meaning of the word “vaccine”.

And what about monoclonal antibodies and azithromycin? These are drugs already in production which have no serious side-effects that would prevent their wide usage in this period of pandemic “illness and death“, as Joey so eloquently phrased it. They are readily available and they work.

But all we hear are the names of the three vaccine manufacturers who, under Trump’s business-like pushing, came on market in miracle speed, and developed what we now call covid vaccines, which really perform more like therapeutics than vaccines.

And what’s the deal with the boosters? There was no boost needed to the polio vaccine, and the polio vaccine was an honest-to-goodness vaccine which prevents contracting of the intended disease, not the pretend vaccine that the covid drugs have turned out to be. And why are the new covid drugs being used experimentally on humans and not on dogs and monkeys, as Dr. Fauci is so fond of doing? 

We now are beginning to hear of deaths directly related to the covid vaccines that insurance companies are refusing to pay on, because the vaccines are “experimental”, so the insurance companies are treating any related deaths the same as suicide, and the insurance is cancelled. And as related to the efficacy of these vaccines, how can they ever retain the rating of eighty or ninety percent effective if people are getting sick and dying with covid after being injected with the vaccine? Perhaps a rating of ten percent would be more accurate, but is Joey raising an alarm on these potentially dangerous drugs? No; he’s pushing for their use even harder.

We hear tales from Republican governors that any vaccine not recently developed by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson or Moderna, and which is not part of the multi-billion dollar research and development effort that was Trump’s warp speed project, are being withheld by the Biden administration, with the outcome of many people possibly dying because the therapeutics, as differentiated from the “vaccines”, are not available.

One also hears that many life-saving drugs are being given only to people of color, with whites being forced to accept illness due to wrongs done to minorities two centuries ago.

If one will recall the corrupt selling of vice presidential influence that Joey was involved with in Ukraine, Russia and China, to enrich both himself and his son Hunter, you don’t have to reflect long to realize why Weepy Joey is pushing the goal of a one-hundred percent vaccination rate for the U.S. population along with boosters and the mask mandates, more vigorously than a sensible person would, and you can bet that he is making a personal fortune telling everyone to indulge themselves in tests, vaccines, protective equipment and anything else related to his insistence that we personally buy and use everything that the pharmaceutical companies are making (masks, face shields, vaccines, boosters, then more vaccines) during the health emergency mandating that Joey is conducting. One suspects that the Biden family are pimps for pharma, and Fauci is Joey’s “science” advisor and business partner. It would be very interesting to see the investments these leaders have made based on their ability to mandate drug usage and national distribution.