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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Liberals Now See The Wisdom Of Conservative Principles, But They Continue To Ignore Reality.

Conservatives repeatedly warned of the dangers of Obamacare, but now that the bill is becoming fully implemented some Harvard professors are complaining about the drastic increase in costs of their insurance under the bill that they loudly supported.  Where were these supposedly intelligent people when all of this was being discussed and explained?  They had their heads up Obama’s backside, that’s where they were.
Dianne Feinstein hurriedly and publically released the Senate Torture report in order to blame the Bush administration for abuses, but now, following the terrorist attacks in Paris, she has become all concerned about possible terrorist attacks.  Liberals are just plain stupid.
Finally Obama has used the word “terrorist” when referring to the mass murder of civilians, but his entire administration refuses to use the term “Muslim terrorists”.
Bob Beckel has for a long time objected to using the term “Islamic terrorism”, calling it a racist term, but now agrees the term is appropriate.  The Paris murders have caused many sleepy Liberals to awaken and pay attention.
Bill de Blasio became mayor of New York City running on a platform of hate-the-police, but following the recent murders of two New York police officers he now praises the police and whines when uniformed officers turn their backs on him in public.  He’s just another ignorant Liberal who has no idea of real-world cause and effect.
France has for a long time been a peacenik nation, but following the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris has increased its bombing raids on ISIS.  It appears that Hollande had previously seen no reports of planned attacks on France prior to the recent killings, even though his intelligence agency had reported them.  Sounds like willful ignorance on his part to me.
The New York Times now criticizes the lazy, don’t care attitude of Obama for not attending the “Je Suis Charlie” march in Paris, even though conservatives have long seen this irresponsible trait in Obama.
The New York Times has in the past been full of criticism for the evil capitalists who laid off workers when economic times were tough, but has now (without any apology for their past abuses toward capitalists) begun firing their newspaper staff that they can no longer afford.
Liberals who had bad-mouthed Sarah Palin for encouraging a “drill baby drill” approach to increasing oil reserves to make our nation less dependent on foreign sources of oil and to lower the price of gasoline for U.S. citizens, are now silent at the low price of gas Americans are enjoying following the fracking revolution in this country.  Very likely the Liberal fools don’t get the connection between increased domestic supply and the lower costs for a barrel of oil, but Palin was right.  And, of course, Obama tries to take credit for the lower gas prices for consumers, even though he has blocked every effort to increase drilling, and Nancy Pelosi is joining Obama in his Liberal attack on common sense by declaring that now, with the low price of gas, is the time to increase the federal tax on a gallon of fuel, because the American public is so stupid they’ll never get the relation of increased tax to increased cost for gasoline.
Liberals who have said that gun control would protect citizens from terrorist attacks now see (but will likely be unable to understand and will absolutely never admit) their error following the Charlie Hebdo killings as even the police were unarmed and unable to defend themselves against the well-armed terrorists.  There were numerous people in the area of the killings who pointed cameras at the killers, but unfortunately on one had a rifle to point at them and end their unopposed attack before they killed 12 unarmed people.
Democrats who claim that Republicans will win no future elections if they don’t go along with “immigration reform” were buried in the latest mid-term election.  Unfortunately, even some Republicans don’t seem to understand that they were elected in an avalanche because the citizens of the United States want to stop Obama’s unconstitutional and just plain wrong-headed opening of our borders, and don’t want the amnesty that Liberals insist on shoving down our throats.
Before World War II we saw a similar Liberal blindness to intelligent policy when Britain’s Chamberlain sued for peace with Adolf Hitler, even though conservatives at the time warned against such an appeasement (currently Obama is playing a similar game of footsie with Iran and it’s continued development of a nuclear weapon and the devastating results such an outcome will have).  Millions of people paid with their lives for Chamberlain’s gutless “peace in our time” agreement that doomed Europe to war and destruction.  Obama is following in Chamberlain’s shameful footsteps.