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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Obama Promises To Save Families Money By Killing Their Electricity

I wish our idiot, lying president would get his lies straight.  When he was campaigning for the Oval Office he promised to bankrupt anyone who built a coal-fired power plant, but now he claims that by killing the main source of electricity for the nation each family will save $85 a year. His claim makes no sense, unless he’s including the savings from not having to pay a monthly electric bill because the power plant will be idled under his plan.  How can a radical president bankrupt a power plant supplying electricity to a family and at the same time save that family money?  To bankrupt the generating company means to punish them monetarily so severely (and thereby cause the customers’ power bills to escalate in order to cover the government’s financial abuse of the generating plant) that their customers will be unable to pay their bill, and the company is forced to close as its revenue dries up and the government’s punitive demands increase.  Obama must be insane.

Opponents to Obama’s EPA destruction of power generation in America estimate that Obama’s plan will result in the loss of 244,000 jobs and will cost families $1200 a year on average.  Just as Obamacare didn’t allow citizens to keep their doctor or their healthcare plan and did not save the average family $2400 a year, even though Obama repeatedly said Obamacare would do each of those, this fool plan will cost families more money, limit the electric power they will have available to them for their personal use, and will handicap any business that uses the coal-powered plants targeted, which will make them less competitive and probably cause those businesses to fail, thereby leading to fewer jobs, increased joblessness and more dependence on government.  This scheme is only a part of what Obama meant by “fundamentally transforming America”.  His proposal is right out of the Saul Alinski playbook, intended to destroy a nation so it can be taken over by subversive forces.

And, of course, Obama will use billions of tax-payer dollars that our government doesn’t have and can’t afford to spend, to incentivize states to obey his commands and hurt their citizens by shutting down the targeted power plants.  Stated differently, he uses tax-payer money to hurt the same tax-payers that the money was taken from in the first place. This is corruption without equal and is totally illegal.  The Feds are constitutionally prohibited from taking such actions against a state of a citizen of a state.  When will our passive legislators in Washington realize the evil that Obama and the EPA present to America and repeal the enabling legislation that created the EPA, and shut that rogue agency down for good?  The establishment Republicans idiotically stated early on that they would not even bring impeachment charges against Obama for the numerous unconstitutional actions he’s taken, and now he runs amuck because he knows he’s safe and there is not enough time in his term to do him any harm.  But in a year and a half Obama can still do unmentionable damage to this once great nation and cripple it forever.  Time is running out for all of us and the oh-so-smart Republicans in D.C. had better do something soon or there will be no going back.