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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Nancy Pelosi Forbids Yelling “Wolf” In A Crowded Theater

On August 24th, Nancy Pelosi demonstrated her mental acuity by informing us that it’s unconstitutional to yell “wolf” in a crowded theater. One can easily doubt that the constitution goes into any specificity about yelling any particular words, inside or outside of crowded theaters, but our Nancy considers herself quite the subject-matter expert on the subject. I believe that she is confusing one of Aesop’s Fables with a judicial decision made in 1919.

The word “wolf” may have some serious meaning in the wilderness of Alaska, but I doubt that it carries any dark, panic-inducing meaning in a movie theater. She made the statement while objecting to an organization called Patriot Prayer and its intended, and already approved assembly, called “Freedom Rally”.

The Washington Times reported Mrs. Pelosi’s confused statement as a mixed metaphor, but I’d say it’s her mixed brain we see displayed. And to further the investigation into Pelosi’s reference to a wolf, as used in Aesop’s Fable, leftist politicians like Nancy Pelosi have cried “wolf” way too many times against the Trump administration. The American left has accused Trump of everything in the book in their attempts to convince the people who voted for him in 2016 to desert his administration, and we are still hanging in there with the man who promised to Make America Great Again. References to crying wolf” by our lying, radical leftist politicians are sure to be met with “fire” and defeat in upcoming elections, because America is sick and tired of hearing from establishment politicians who only serve their own radical careers in the swamp of DC while the average American is suffering less income, a stalled job, if they have one at all, a failed education for their children and a nation that has forsaken its own marvelous constitution and a rule of law.

Nancy Pelosi and her liberal pals like to make fun of President Trump and call him demented, unpresidential and out of his mind, and then she sets her own reputation back a mile by making such a stupid statement, about a group and its planned assembly, which has already been approved by the National Park Service. I found a reference to the group Patriotic Prayer that called it a “far-right group” and said that they were related to the Charlottesville incident which resulted in the murder of a young woman. Unfortunately for Nancy and her radical pals, we all know that one of the main reasons for that tragic loss of life was that the Democrat Governor of Virginia and the Democrat Mayor of Charlottesville called off police protection and control of the competing groups assembled there, which allowed those two leftist groups (See NOTE below) to meet and practice the violence that Democrats have recently become known for. But since Nancy Pelosi opposes the group, one may logically be persuaded that it may be a decent group that really seeks prayer in a turbulent world, and lacking any further information, I have to believe that such a group would naturally be opposed by leftist anti-Americans like Mrs. Pelosi.

NOTE: the two leftist groups, white supremacist KKK/Nazis and black supremacist Black Lives Matter groups, are actually warring leftist groups, just as Hitler and Stalin headed leftist governments in World War II and eventually fought each other for dominance of Europe after a period of pretend unity, which ended when Hitler invaded Russia. Russia won the war with the help of the allies, and half of the threat to world peace and prosperity, The Soviet Union, went on to dominate Eastern Europe and place that portion of the world in a state of slavery, misery and fear for decades, until the Wall came down in the Reagan administration. America has much to fear from our two radical groups competing for violent power in the United States, but the truth is that Donald Trump denied support to both the Nazis and the BLM combatants, whereas the likes of Nancy Pelosi fully support and love the Black Lives Matter thugs. Since there is no real difference between the Nazis and the BLM people, one can see no difference between today’s violence-prone Democrat Party, headed by Nancy Pelosi, and the violence-prone Black Lives Matters group. In fact, Barack Obama loved BLM so much that he invited them to the White House and provided them with the moral support that comes with a presidential welcome. One needs no further example of kinship than these two violent groups meeting and lunching in the White House during a Democrat administration.