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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Charlie Hebdo: From “Je Suis Charlie” To “Je Suis Stupide”

When terrorists attacked a Charlie Hebdo office in Paris in 2015 Americans felt their pain and responded with outrage and sympathy for our French brothers and sisters. But now that Texas is suffering, the folks at Charlie are mocking this misery and calling Texans hurtful and untrue names.

Americans could have rubbed French noses in the fact that their own gun-restriction laws allowed the armed terrorists to attack Hebdo without penalty and continue the attack for an extended period of time, and their own national thoughtlessness at allowing people from known terrorist nations settle in France with no proper vetting left them open to the vicious terrorist attack. Americans did not take the route of mocking the killings in Paris and Nice and at the Charlie offices as being their due at leaving themselves defenseless to such attacks, but, typical of the Frogs, they attack Texans for the lie that Texas is racist and full of Nazis.

The suffering in Texas at the moment is from a naturally-occurring storm, not from ignorantly leaving ourselves open to a predictable attack from people who have sworn to kill us in our own nation. The drowning Nazi pictures are a little over the top given the lives of Americans who served in WWII ridding France of real Nazis.

But liberals, whether French or American, are so predictable. After months of our own stupid liberal Democrats claiming that Republicans and Donald Trump are racists, and then blaming this fantasy of racism for all of the evils left behind by the Obama administration, now the Hebdo people are joining the anti-American left and associating the lie of racism with the destruction of an American city, and are blaming the Texas victims for the force of nature that actually did the destruction.

Have the French not seen the mainly white National Guard and the mainly white volunteers from the Cajun Navy risking their own lives and safety and spending their own money to help and rescue the largely black and minority Texas citizens who are suffering and need help? Where is the sanity and sense of fair play from the heroes of Hebdo?

And where do the idiot leftists, American and French alike, get their racist/Nazi crap from when referring to Texan Americans, anyway? Did Americans rag on the Hebdo people at the time of their misery and bring up the Algerian situation that could have easily been used against France as a reason for the Muslim attack on their offices? But when America is in trouble we are dumped on with vigor and glee. The Charlie Hebdo employees have to have visited Texas as some point and they have to know that Texans, although  they may be larger than life with their boots and hats and their big cars, are not racists and bigots. Today’s Texans are the same people whose forebears are buried at cemeteries lining the coastal areas of France and who died trying to rid France of the Nazism that had already defeated the French Army in WWII. So it’s hurtful to be called a Nazi when America, and many Texans, were pivotal in getting rid of real Nazis who occupied much of Europe, and all of France, during World War II.

This gratuitous attack on Texas is truly “stupide”, and it hurts.