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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Which Is Worse: “Toxic Masculinity” Or Toxic Progressive Liberalism?

It seems that every few years liberal  Democrats, who generally live nice, comfortable lives, have to find something to complain about, and this time their subject for attack is men.

Back in the 1970s liberals claimed that there was no difference between boys and girls, and that the nature of each sex could be manipulated by these brilliant leftists. So they made boys play with dolls and had girls play with GI Jane army toys. It soon developed, however,  that the boys were simulating fights with their dolls and the girls were hugging their GI Jane toys and putting them to bed in a rocking crib after serving them tea and cookies.

But then the heavens exploded, and in 1996 Time magazine came out with an issue that stated that “Boys and Girls Are Different”! Liberals thought that this difference between male and female was a revolutionary idea and it actually surprised them.

So now, fully into the 21at Century, we are having to live this nightmare all over again as feminist liberals frame the argument that “Toxic Masculinity’ is the destruction of our society and must be brought under control, and that men must be made more like women. One believes that they are confusing criminal males with civilized males and assume that the civilized ones are no better than the criminal ones. No one would argue that males are more aggressive than females, but the males who become criminals are usually captured and imprisoned, and by whom are they imprisoned?  Mainly by the more civilized males.

Only in modern times when we have a machine to perform or at least help with nearly any household or employment task, could women complain about the masculinity of men. Two hundred years ago, before machines and computerization, men and women played distinctly differing roles in society and the differences between the sexes made a big difference in the lives and the survival of families, and of society in general.

Given the choice, I would state that Toxic Progressive Liberalism is the worst thing that could happen to society, just as Liberal Privilege is proving itself to be destructive in the lives of patriotic Americans. There’s nothing particularly toxic about masculinity, just as there’s nothing toxic about femininity, and it’s a shame that some boys are being harmed by being given drugs for what’s been diagnosed as being ADD, with the danger that the drugs will shape their future development into something that nature never intended; so in this sense those liberals who try to take the “toxic” edge off of masculinity are just making the situation worse and more harmful than if they just left it alone and let nature take its course.

And the liberal idea of toxic masculinity is redounding to the detriment of girls and women, because the idiotic, liberal, self-identity movement is allowing boys to compete in sports against girls, and the girls are being beaten by the stronger, faster boys.  Feminists have no one but themselves to blame for this horrible development, which can be very upsetting for young women who have trained hard and long to develop a superior skill at an athletic endeavor, only to have a boy come along and beat them. It’s not fair, but feminists have yet to be introduced to the idea of fairness; all they care about is winning, defeating and dominating their fellow citizens, all of which descriptors are sort of masculine attributes, are they not? But one dare not call feminists “toxic” creatures, even when they take on masculine practices and tendencies. And they now have fifty-eight gender self-identities to compete with, following the asinine presidency of Barack Obama and his intent to “fundamentally transform America”, which is exactly what the physical, athletic competition between men and women is part and parcel of. So the field of competition gets more crowded, more frustrating and more disappointing all the time, but feminists will never admit that their grandmothers were probably more satisfied with their lot in life because their lives were led without a need to assign nasty names to men and to try to defeat and humiliate men all the time.

One feels sorry for liberals, even the feminist ones: They consistently preach political crap that is contrary to common sense and contrary to nature, and then wonder what happened when they get side-swiped, run into a figurative ditch and end up unhappy and seeking a subject to blame for their unhappiness.