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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

When Will Republicans Go On An Unapologetic Offensive Against Their Democrat/Socialist Enemies?

Of the various and sundry offensives to honesty and constitutional government that Americans must endure each day, the greatest offense is when I hear Republicans utter the phrase that includes expressions like “the divisiveness and violence currently in play in America comes from both sides of the aisle”. What the hell are these fools talking about with references to “both sides of the aisle“?

Was it the Trump supporters who were beating up and threatening their opponents during the last presidential election campaign? No! It was Hillary’s union thugs who were attacking the Trump people.

Was it supporters of Republican causes and Republican politicians who were demonstrating and screaming like loons at administration officials as they tried to eat a peaceful meal at a public restaurant? No! It was Democrat radicals who were disturbing the public peace by attacking Trump officials at restaurants and at their homes, and who threatened to seek out and attack the officials’ children at their schools.

Was it Republicans who attacked and burned the campus of Berkley to protest the invitation of a conservative speaker to the school? No! It was radical leftist students and hired goons who burned the school, disrupted an institute of learning and deprived the invited speaker of the chance to express himself in the same way liberal speakers are free to speak every day.

Was it ever Republicans who proposed examining the life and behavior of the spouse of a Democrat president’s nominee to the Supreme Court? No! But it’s leftists who are after the private emails of Brett Kavanaugh’s wife to see if she ever expressed a political opinion, and I promise that if they can find some political statement she made, no matter how insignificant and innocent it may have been, they’ll pester the poor woman to death, and then take to the streets to have Kavanaugh removed from consideration for the Court.

Was there ever a Republican member of the House of Representatives who supported and praised the burning of the American flag outside his/her congressional office? No! It was the fool Maxine Waters who did this.

Have we ever seen a Republican member of the House of Representatives claim, from a church pulpit, to have been sent by God to get rid of one of their political opponents and promised to have him impeached soon? No! But it was, once again, Maxine Waters who made such a radical, hateful statement.

Have we ever seen Conservative print-news sources or Conservative cable channel news people report such a string of lies as CNN and similar news sources have reported about Trump every day of the week?  No!

Have we ever seen a supporter of a Republican candidate take a rifle to an assembly of Democrats and try to kill them? No! But it was a Bernie Sanders supporter who shot several Republican House members last year, nearly killing Representative Steve Scalise.

Have we ever had a Republican politician state repeatedly that they had absolute proof that a Democrat president had colluded with a foreign country and committed crimes against America? No! But the dithering idiot, Adam Schiff, has repeatedly made such stupid statements, and now it’s been over a year into the special counsel’s investigation into the lie of Trump’s collusion with Russia, and the fool from California has still not come forward with his proof.

And how about the political violence of appointing a special counsel to investigate a new president’s every business dealing and personal move going back 20 years before he took office, while all along the ones who accused him of colluding knew that the charges of colluding with Russia were falsified and paid for by the president’s political opponent in the previous election? And while this dishonest practice was taking place, the FBI had conclusive proof that Hillary Clinton actually did collude with Russia while breaking numerous other email-related laws punishable with prison time, but the FBI decided to let her skate free with no charges, while knowing that her campaign bought and paid for the document that brought the collusion charges against President Trump.

Why is it so difficult for Republican politicians to call Democrat politicians the radicals they are? Why must Republicans always take the position of there being equal blame for the divisiveness and danger existing in American politics today when the divisions and anger created between Americans has been the intention of Democrats for the last eight years? It’s the Democrats who are on the warpath after having lost an election they should have won, and thought they had won, until election night 2016 blew the third term of Obama to oblivion.

Democrats are now as bad about lying and undermining democratic governing as the Soviet Union was and like Communist China is, and Republicans must point fingers in the direction of blame and stop playing nicey-nice with Democrats, because Democrats play for keeps and take no prisoners.