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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Democrats Move To Prove That Only Governments Cause Poverty

With all of the wealth and freedom in the world, nations like Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and North Korea and their Communist/Socialist policies are living proof that only governments with dictatorial, Socialist tendencies can enslave their entire citizenry and force them to live in poverty and suffering.

With that statement in mind, now comes America’s own radical Socialists, better known as the Democrat party, whose members live in splendid comfort and often great wealth, proposing the same policies and big-government actions that have caused suffering for all other nations of the world who propose the self-defeating policies practiced by Socialist/Communist regimes around the world. Specifically, our radical leftist party-of-Obama and his promise to “fundamentally transform America” has introduced the Democrat’s Green New Deal, the program that would enforce totalitarian government actions and undo our economy and our Constitution, and would inevitably lead to poverty, hunger, a shortage of electricity and no individual, personal means of travel for the entire nation, if Americans are dumb enough to follow the Democrats over the proposed cliff that lays ahead. The leftist proposal will assure that we will all give up our automobiles for the carbon-saving travel of the sixteenth century ox cart. But we can all rest easy, because the dithering idiot, Alexandria Casio-Cortez, she who is a descendent of the European invaders who raped and murdered indigent Indian tribes as they cut their bloody way through North and South America, tells us that this is a good idea.

The party of post-birth “abortions” now claims that every American citizen must have free healthcare, free college education, and each of us will live better because we will be able to get our food delivered to us, fresh to our doors, via ancient horse and buggy transportation, because airplanes, refrigeration and trucks will be halted permanently by these geniuses. Democrats think that if they offer us free stuff we will surrender our ability to succeed in life and give up our ability to live comfortably and prosperously. But I believe they are wrong.

When politicians start designing healthcare-for-all, designing buildings to fit a “green” mode of operation, planning fuel and energy production and distribution and tell citizens the means by which they will be allowed to travel about in their daily lives, that nation is in serious trouble and will end up with miserable lives like the extremely unfortunate citizens of North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

One can only look at the political proposals of the Democrat party and wonder how they think America reached the current height of comfort, wealth and liberty, which was accomplished, of course, by allowing entrepreneurs and inventors to create the way we are currently living, as these free-thinking people designed processes and products intended to please the American population and make money for those people producing the products. The makers of automobiles and air conditioning made their customers more comfortable and happy with their inventions, and made themselves enormously wealthy as a reward for their inventiveness and industriousness, while also creating more jobs so their employees could afford the products that they produced. None of the above benefits to society can continue to exist when political officials, many of whom are not too smart to begin with, begin dictating to the populace what they can do and how they must live.

Government will always try to dictate to citizens the things politicians demand that they have and what they can do, and will deny citizens the things that citizens want, by simply outlawing those things. And too often the things that they dictate that citizens possess, will harm them or keep them from being able to keep their  families safe, or will no longer allow citizens the means with which they can be happy and comfortable. Free individuals will always improve their lives by their own efforts, and big-government will always make its subjects paupers, if those subjects allow this to happen.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: Those who don’t learn from the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat them.

Our nation, awash in the blessings, the freedom and the plenty offered by Capitalism and assured by our Constitution, is on the cusp of destroying the very thing that allows us to live well and live freely, and the Democrat party is the entity that is trying to push us over the brink and into some very dark days ahead, because Democrats haven‘t learned the historical lesson that big, intrusive government destroys lives.

Of course, once the Green New Deal was presented and discussed by sensible people who exposed the extreme measures Democrats will take to gain power, the architects of this foolishness began wringing their hands and stating that they never threatened to get rid of jet travel and don’t want to take automobiles or electricity away from the public, and that these things are only the misinterpretation of the evil followers of Donald Trump.

But liberals have a history that tells us that these extreme measures to control our lives are exactly what Democrats practice. Just keep in mind that the sensible push to disallow cigarette smoking on jet airliners, led to a ban on smoking in any establishment, including in one’s own home in many liberal-governed locations.

And the leftist insistence on background checks for gun purchasers led to attempts to deny guns to even the most law-abiding Americans. And the next gun control effort was an  attempt to by-pass gun ownership by making the purchase of ammunition illegal or punitively expensive; and then that legal challenge to our constitution progressed to attempts to make gun manufacturers liable for any death caused by a fire arm; and the latest abuse of liberal power sought to financially harm, or at least shame, credit card companies into denying gun dealers the credit companies’ payment processing services, thereby illegally denying American citizens the right to buy a gun because of the public shame liberals would heap on the credit card companies and the liberal threat of having credit cards torn up and sent back to the issuing company if they allowed credit services to gun dealers, if they allowed gun purchases.

Liberals are liars, and decent Americans must never trust them to show any consideration  for individual or constitutional rights with their attempts to make us all toe the liberal line. Whether the issue is gun ownership, smoking, wanting to buy a car that may use more carbon to power it than liberals are willing to allow, or keeping illegal aliens out of our country, these evil, dictatorial people will not stop pushing the envelop of the Constitution until they have complete control over this great nation.

Democrats must be opposed at the ballot box and kept out of any positions of power.