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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Democrat Dependence on “Modeling” Is As Anti-Scientific As It Gets

Democrats and their allies in the leftist press have long resented and ridiculed anyone with strong religious leanings, and have been especially critical of President Trump and his pro-religious statements. They’ve also lately extended their religious intolerance to the field of science, telling everyone who would listen to their blather that the religious right, and, of course, especially President Trump, is anti-science. But one doesn’t have to look far at radical leftist policies and programs to discover a disregard, if not an outright hate, for science and scientific processes and procedures, and the best example of anti-science is the left’s dependence on various forms of modeling to prove their political points.

The Democrats’ global warming/climate change farce is a direct attack on science because it’s based on a pre-programmed set of parameters, in other words, a “model”, designed to produce its inevitable outcome, and completely eliminates peer review and scientific validation and testing. Democrats built a computer system that makes certain assumptions about the future, all of which are confirmed by the data they input, and the predictable outcome produces the “scientific evidence”  that they want. They claim that this outcome proves the earth is warming, even though we all know that the highest temperatures last summer were no higher than the temperatures two summers ago, and the summer ten years ago. And still these fools, who have been predicting devastatingly high temperatures for fifty years culminating in the eventual death of all beings on the planet, recently announced the latest date-of-death from the office of the Dumbo we know as AOC, as being ten and a half years in the future.

Then we arrive at the modeling performed by the medical community related to the subject of the coronavirus. The good technicians and doctors, good and faithful government employees all, established certain criteria to prove that millions of Americans would die of the Wuhan death pandemic, and VOILA!, the model produced the desired outcome demonstrating that millions of Americans face death from the Chinese disease, and our entire economy was closed down, hard and fast, based on this false information.

Thinking people are expected to forget, of course, that we’ve only seen a .03 percent death-rate resulting from the disease, and that the greatest number of deaths occurred in populations that remained inactive and indoors, which the mainly Democrat governors and mayors had ordered. On the other hand, the states that allowed the most personal liberty and freedom to move about, get sunshine and exercise, were the least impacted by the disease.

And then we saw the repeat phenomena of individuals on the left immediately condemning anything President Trump said, even when his statements were from the sound foundation of science. Trump said hydroxychloroquine, an existing drug used for decades that had been found to be successful in halting the coronavirus destruction to human bodies, may be useful in fighting the disease, and the leftist press exploded, saying that he was obsessed with this drug and that it had no use against the current virus, even though it was being prescribed by many doctors and was having great success saving patient’s lives, which is the most valuable and important evidence of the scientific proof of its effectiveness. The anti-Trump statements from the left about an anti-science, political right, were themselves purely political and were made in contradiction of proven, in-service, science.