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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Bye, Bye Joey, And Good Riddance. Your Stupidity And Arrogance Have Finally Caught Up With You

 Now, with even his own party seeking his political absence on the ballot in November, Joey Biden will almost certainly be defeated in the next election, if the failing fool can even make it that far without becoming catatonic.

After three years and a string of unconstitutional and absolutely stupid policy edicts from his White House, one of the most dangerous decisions that this idiot of a man has made, and the single decision that I and other policy commentators have warned him against due to the dangerous and destructive nature they present to Americans, has finally happened. And although the usually too-chicken Republicans have been largely silent and not taken full advantage of this poorly thought-out policy, and have not presented sufficient opposition to the bad policy, even they are now dumping on Biden and his decisions. The policy in question is the opening of our borders and allowing criminals to run amok in America, and now we have a horribly murdered young woman in Athens, Georgia, killed at the hands of one of Biden’s invitees. But although this is just one of the millions of criminals Biden has invited into America to commit criminal acts, it’s the one that has finally gotten attention directed at the insanity of our president. Maybe if the leftist press in America would report the news and not feel the need to protect any leftist politician when their policies go awry, this death could have been prevented.

Leading up to this now well-known terrorist murder, even Democrats have for several months been warning Joey of the danger of his open-door immigration policy. The mayor of New York City has been complaining about the destruction being done to his city by the tens of thousands of dependent foreigners invading it. And the mayors of Denver, Chicago and other large Democrat-run cities have been sounding off about the same thing, with many of them even trying to divorce themselves from the sanctuary cities scam, a title that they in the past bragged about with their chests stuck out, proudly inviting immigrants to their cities without a single thought as to the possible danger these hoards of illegals would present to American citizens. But that’s the problem with today’s Democrats: they don’t think, and they can’t visualize possible negative outcomes of their Socialistic schemes before they launch them.

And Biden’s immigration czar, the dumb and dumber Kamala Harris, who was given the immigration assignment to determine the “root causes” of the illegals’ invading our borders, has completely dropped the ball, and now proclaims she is “ready” for the call to become president when Old Joey is finally forced out; she has been a total failure in her current job, but now insists on a promotion. But the reason most of these foreigners are flocking to our borders is because of the lack of a free market in their home nations, and they are escaping the Communism/Socialism that has kept them poor and miserable. And then there the few immigrants that are simply criminals who come here to have otherwise polite and defenseless Americans to prey on.

And now that Joey has been shocked awake to the horrible consequences of his policies, he is unable to take back his decision to reverse Trump’s successful protection of our borders with his remain-in-Mexico-policy, because it would prove that Biden’s insistence on new legislation to “fix” failed immigration policy was just a trick to give the finger to the Trump administration, and that it was within Biden’s power all along to halt the invasion of our nation by these millions of people, if he would only enforce existing law, which the idiot man refuses to do. Trump was right all along with his policies, and now the entire nation knows it.

And finally, we can all say “bye, bye” to Joey because he’s leaving for permanent residence in Delaware, if not in prison, whether it’s because of his failing mental health, his loss of the election in November, or because his party is fed up with his stupid, always-wrong, decisions.