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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, February 29, 2016

I’m Miffed At Mitt

I voted for Mitt Romney for president in the last election, but I won’t do it again. I’m absolutely shocked at the small, mean statements about Trump’s taxes that Mitt uttered last week, especially in light of the filthy remarks Harry Reid made about Mitt’s own taxes in the previous presidential election. We all know that Obama has had the IRS thoroughly scan Trump’s tax returns, just as we know that Obama had the IRS exhaustively scan Mitt’s returns in 2012, in both cases looking for any possible dirt they could use to damage the campaign of a Republican. So why would Romney stoop to the level of Harry Reid and attack Trump?

I’m surprised that Mitt would take such a cheap shot, and I wonder if he is thinking of taking an “establishment” run at president again, and made his remarks in preparation for entering the race once again, this time against the presumed Republican candidate, Trump. I just wish Republican candidates would be as aggressive and mean toward their Democrat opponents as they are toward people with whom they basically agree.

The kind of remark Mitt made about a fellow Republican is manna from heaven for Democrats, and in the next general election we can expect to see Mitt’s words used against whomever is the Republican candidate for president (Trump, Rubio, Cruz or otherwise) by Hillary as she uses Mitt’s words against whichever Republican she runs against. And I’d be willing to bet that Mitt’s statements have refreshed the memories of Hillary’s advisors and that they are now reviewing Reid’s charges against Mitt and getting their data together to use Mitt’s attacks against even himself.