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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

When Even The New York Times Reports On Obamacare’s Disastrous “New Normal”, It Must Be Bad

When companies are not allowed to do what is best for themselves and their customers, but instead have to hire lawyers to tell them what the government will permit them to do or what the government requires them to do or not to do, you may soon discover that your life and health are placed at risk. That’s what The New York Times is reporting, in an article titled Drug Shortages Forcing Hard Decisions On Rationing Treatments, as being a reality in America today. Of course we have seven years of the ultra-leftist Obama administration and its Obamacare legislation horror show to thank for this life-threatening development. At one time Obama’s minions strutted and bragged about the “new normal” that they called the Affordable Care Act. But now, even The New York Times is criticizing this new direction that the medical industry is taking, and the sad news is that the disaster of Obamacare has not even been fully implemented yet.

One doctor from the Children’s Hospital at Sinai in Baltimore reports numerous cases where there were two children in need of a cancer drug when there was only enough of the drug for one child. The question is not how doctors ethically make the decision of who gets the drug and who doesn’t, rather the question is: why do they have to make the rationing decision in the first place? One cannot disregard the conclusion that the problem has raised its deadly head since Obamacare was forced on the nation with its destructive cost controls, its edicted coverage options, its costly premiums, its outrageously high deductibles, its lack of competition and its taxes on R&D, and this has all happened during the seven years of Obama.

The absence or shortage of drugs for seriously ill patients can result in “increased pain or nausea” or patients may “have to undergo invasive surgery to control cancer when auto-tumor medications are delayed” the report says. It further stated that the drug shortage may result in “higher rates of medical errors, side effects, disease progression and deaths”.  The doctor being quoted by the Times used the word “deaths”. And all because the government is in charge of all medical aspects of our lives, and under the radical Obama administration, the government is moving to further invade our personal spaces at light speed.

The Times article reported that various hospitals throughout the country have differing ways of deciding how to ration drugs, which seems to be a hint that the liberal editors of The New York Times would like to see a control board created in Washington to centralize “ethical” decisions related to drug shortages and the need to implement rationing for the entire nation. This power to control, regulate and restrict our medicine and our medical providers, at the federal level, is the same aspect of Obamacare that conservatives warned as being “death squads”.

Ready for Obama’s death squads, anyone? Every prediction made by conservatives warning legislators and the American public against Obamacare are coming true, with no relief even on the horizon, let alone just around the corner. Unless the next president and the federal legislature have the nerve to stand up to the leftist apologists and repeal Obamacare in its entirety, this nation is in for a rough ride that it does not deserve.