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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, April 22, 2016

LGBT Restrooms Are “Occupy” Restrooms

A few years ago men were broadly and often justifiably criticized for being sexual predators by liberal women, but now these enlightened libs, along with politically correct and stupid celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Joe Walsh, have assured the women of America that having men enter their restroom and use a toilet immediately next to them is a good thing, and that having these unzipped men in rooms with only partially clothed women is a positive and modern aspect of life that liberates women and strengthens our nation and society. In effect, this is just converting a women’s room into an “occupy” encampment, with all the legal, criminal and moral issues those hell-holes created. So if you were pleased with the filth, rapes and murders that occurred with each “occupy” encampment, you’ll love what’s to follow with the government’s imposition of LGBT restrooms.

Given that liberal women like Hillary Clinton only enter a stinky, smelly, foul subway station when they are pandering for attention from New Yorkers, when they’re surrounded by the press and a dozen of their handlers and staff in an attempt to make everyone think she’s a regular joe, do you think for a moment that she would voluntarily enter a restroom with cross-dressing men wearing crooked wigs present? At one of the recent Democrat political events it was reported that Hillary would not even enter a women’s restroom when another woman was in there, let alone if a man were present. But she supports the LGBT movement that is going to force women to do exactly what she will never consent to.

Also consider how confusing and uncomfortable it will be for a young girl who enters a restroom where partially clothed men are present, or that she experiences men boldly entering a restroom where the young girl is attending to a natural function of her own. If it’s an “occupy” veteran he’ll likely be standing back from the toilet to urinate and provide maximum exposure during the act (after all most of what liberals do in our present uncultured culture is an in-your-face attempt to shock you and create a stir and dare you to oppose them) and he’ll probably be a little slow to zip up after finishing his (her?) business. Such an experience by a young girl would probably generate more questions than a parent would want to consider, let alone explain what just happened to the six-year-old. But such an event could also cause a serious emotional problem for a young girl. It seems that it’s enough to have adults sufficiently confused that they want to enter the opposite sexes’ restroom, but now we’re compounding the confusion by including young children who may still be at the point where fairy tales and unicorns are their interest level and an explicit event like this could be very upsetting and troubling to them.

One is reminded of the men who years ago were called flashers and who got their jollies by exposing themselves to women in parks or bus stations or along the street, an action that greatly offended liberal women in the 1960s and 70s, but today these perverts are being invited to join women in the LGBT stalls.

Public restrooms are not anyone’s private property, but one nevertheless expects some level of privacy and cleanliness when in them. But having an opposite sex person join you in one is asking for trouble, which is exactly what Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” is all about, and he’s making the negative progress he promised when he became president by his administration fully supporting the LGBT thing. Stand by for more cultural rot to follow with the filthy Democrat/progressive/liberals running things.

Restrooms are not about sex, nor are they about sexual preference nor sexual identity.  They’re about providing a convenient, clean place in which all people can get needed relief. To expect that a male person, whatever his sexual identity, would even care where natural bodily functions were taken care of, is sheer idiocy. No one is keeping LGBT people from a restroom, but all of a sudden we hear how nasty their lives are with our prejudiced society, because a bearded man cannot enter a ladies’ restroom. This is solely a case of leftists creating a divisive issue and trying to upset our entire society with their pleas of discrimination and mistreatment.

 One doesn’t have to be very old to remember a time when elections were often ignored because no matter whether you voted for a Democrat or a Republican you could be certain that the president was a good person who wanted to protect Americans, assure our borders were secure, make certain that our military was strong and that the unique American traditions, values and customs, and most critical, our constitution and our laws, were protected and enforced. But since that time our nation has come under a threat by a president who has sworn to “fundamentally transform America” and we know that our very existence as a nation depends on assuring that a Democrat is not elected to the presidency in 2016. Electing a Democrat assures more cultural rot and more selfish demands for big government handouts and freebies.