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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why Do Americans Make Bad Deals With Foreign Governments?

A classic example of America making a bad deal with a foreign government is the Iran nuke deal. Obama refused to help the young people of Iran when they revolted against the tyranny of the Mullahs during the Green revolution in 2009, and instead he gives nuclear capability to the ruling tyrants they revolted against. I don’t know what hold the radical Iranian government has over Obama, but it’s obvious he will do nothing to oppose them or make them uncomfortable. It may be Obama’s love and adoration for Islam or his preference for dark-skinned, third world people, all of whom are poor and down-trodden in Obama’s opinion, or it could just be his hate for America, but the Iranian nuke deal is an example of an American making the worst judgement possible when dealing with a foreign power.

I agree with Donald Trump’s statements about Americans making bad deals with Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Mexican governments and industries, and I believe that all of the affirmative action, racist charges against whites and dominant business people over the last 50 years has made an impact on the psyche of Americans. Americans have had self-doubt drilled into them. They are too often self-effacing, self-limiting and often self-hating. Especially with Asian, Mexican or African dealings, Americans fear being called racist, so they don’t press for the deal that favors them most.

White European-Americans operate from a position of dominance according to the current liberal talking heads, and they of course cheat members of the less-dominant societies. The Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Koreans, Africans and Arabs lack identifiable minority characteristics within their own borders, thus critics of their policies are unable to place blame or register complaints against them on a racial basis for any perceived abuse. Only in America, where racial diversity is common, do we see identifiable minorities, because America allows immigration and competition from every corner of the world and we tolerate and welcome all religions and all skin colors. But Americans are blamed for every person’s failure to succeed and prosper, and this blame is too often attributed to racism.

In fact, the point could be made in reverse: that American liberals rule their own nation ruthlessly and keep American minorities in a state of subservience in exchange for their votes, which in turn encourages liberals to keep the welfare goodies flowing. This control is called compassion when liberals do it.  America is being beaten by foreign governments because we don’t want to be thought of as being pushy and rude, and this false notion of fairness extends beyond our national borders (and in Obama’s case, it is his reason for eliminating America’s national borders completely and allowing all illegal invaders to freely enter our country).

Just as whites have been made to feel guilty for often being more successful than blacks, and just as wealthy people are made to feel guilty for having more money than less-wealthy people, so have Americans been made to feel guilty for dominating the world economy. This liberal-applied feeling of guilt is damaging the futures of all Americans. The lesson we should all learn from this blame-game is that lower earners always resent higher earners. It has nothing to do with wealth except that the difference between rich and poor are easier to see than the difference between twenty dollars an hour and ten dollars an hour. Resentment for the perceived success and greater wealth of another leads to feelings of being discriminated against, and this feeling can make one stop trying to succeed altogether, at which point we have a real disparity as the resentful person drops out and resorts to government handouts, which liberals consider to be a commendable thing to do.

Muslims restrict the movements and the very lives of their women, but if a conservative criticizes Muslims for this control he/she is called a racist who is simply attacking the Muslim based on religion. Even though liberals want Muslim women to be treated more equally and fairly within their own society, they take up arms against conservatives for their criticism of Sharia law and refuse to criticize the Syrian or Arab, based solely on their ethnicity or religion. The most extreme example of liberals not wishing to criticize Islamic mistreatment of women is female genital mutilation. Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote a book on the subject, but liberals will not allow her to speak to college audiences, claiming that she was improperly criticizing Islam.

In spite of the world of prejudice and discrimination that liberals see, there’s a real world outside our borders that seeks success without consideration of skin color or religion. They only want success.  Americans had better wake up to this reality and start negotiating on a basis of equality or the world economy will pass us by and we will all, regardless of color or religion, suffer at the hands of foreign tyrants.