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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Are NFL Players Really Concerned About Their “Communities”?

When one listens to the malarkey coming from the mouths of the NFL players’ representatives one would think that these hunks of muscle were just more limp-wristed left coast liberals trying to get more government money thrust into a failing Detroit or Ferguson, but the reality is more self-serving than that. And the self-serving aspect is being cleverly hidden behind the players’ phony concern for their “community”, whatever that means.

Are the NFL players, who earn tens of millions of dollars a year and deck themselves out in bling and fancy cars, really interested in their “communities” or just interested in themselves and the greater liberal political establishment? There was a recording of players’ statements released Thursday in which the word “community” was used in nearly every sentence, so their pretend concern for their “community” seemed paramount. But one would be wise to suspect that this is simply misdirection and that their real goal is their personal enrichment and the images of themselves that they want the public to absorb, at the direction of veteran, liberal political operatives and community organizers.

I’d be willing to bet that these elite players live in upper-class mansions in mostly white neighborhoods. But when they make their pitch about making their “communities” better and how white supremacy, alleged police murders of blacks and the NFL teams and managers, and of course Donald Trump, are making their “communities” worse places to live, one will be excused if the average consumer of this news laughs out loud. With few exceptions, once these players leave the communities they grew up in, they never look back, which is a normal thing to do: move on and move up. But to hear all of this caterwauling about their “community” is to be fed fake news.

The millionaire neighborhoods/communities most players reside in neither need nor want any assistance from anyone, least of all the NFL and the players’ organization. If the players really cared about the “community” they grew up in they should try living there and making necessary changes needed to stop crime, bring in needed businesses and improve the local schools. But they don’t.

The truth is that the whole business of the players’ disrespect toward the national anthem, begun by a whining player who was being released from a team because he could no longer play well enough to justify the enormous salary he was being paid, has been morphed into a hate Trump rally that is loved by the liberals establishment in Washington, and that makes the whole thing strictly political.

If the players could only get some advice from their great-grandparents on this issue, I’m certain the old folks would scold them for endangering their opportunity to live a life of wealth and independence from the political machinations of big government. But this NFL protest business is just another example of the Democrat party using unsuspecting people for their own political gain, just as they’ve used welfare recipients for the last fifty years, and hope to use illegal aliens for the next fifty years: as assured, dependent voters for the Democrat cause.

The players are banking on those football enthusiasts who worship them for their athletic ability, and who admire them for their achievements, to provide enthusiastic support for their newly found concern for the players’community”. But one fears those worshipful fans have vacated the stadium with this blatant display of political opportunism and one suspects that support for the players’ cause will evaporate quickly, which I believe we already see happening with the dwindling television market share for football games and dropping stadium attendance.

If the players are not careful they’ll soon be out of work and back in their much-ballyhooed “community”, wishing to hell they had played the ball game that they love and are good at, and not listened to the leftist politicians and community organizers that are about to ruin the wonderful thing they have going for them. But a return to the old neighborhood will give them a chance to really serve and improve the “community” they say they love so much. So keep up the childish protests fellows; you may soon get your wish to serve your “community” as a full time, low-paid job.