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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The American Left, Like ISIS, Uses Children As Shields

Obama used this same ploy, and Democrats think it’s a good idea to use it again, because it worked well the last time they tried it.  The event is, of course, the invasion of my nation with the intent of destroying it, due to their hate of Donald Trump and their insane push to regain the power that Barack Obama had, and that Hillary let slip away.

This is the second time in my memory that massive groups of Mexicans and Central Americans have rounded up children and marched into America in an attempt to get themselves established and then remain planted here permanently under the protection of anti-American Democrat politicians.

The left’s hate for Donald Trump and their desire to reverse the 2016 election has enervated them to organize these treks, and they use the children as shields to prevent our military from actually defending the nation from this hostile, illegal invasion. Someone in the American Democrat party should be arrested for placing children at risk of death, rape and injury as the hell-hole of Mexico and the criminal/gang/drug war infestation it represents is walked, and the children are forcibly taken along. We know that American citizens are helping plan these marches because there are always busses awaiting their arrival at our border, there are hotel rooms and private residences lined up to allow them to sleep and remain out of the reach of journalists, and these invaders disappear without a trace, ending up in cities across the nation with no accountability at all. This crap must stop with this President, and these people must be blocked and kept from entering this abused nation

Mexico is a party to this invasion by not opposing their own nation’s invasion from their neighboring countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The marchers are crossing Mexican cities, and even Mexican military installations, with no concern at all from Mexican authorities, because they support this invasion of my nation. In a very real sense, Mexico is providing encouragement and assistance in the invasion and attack on America, and they should be made to pay for this outrage.

Who is the fool that thinks Americans will believe that this scheduled, planned, annual trek the length of Mexico is just poor people trying to escape a tyrant at home? Was there no tyrant in January? No tyrant last November? This is literally the invasion of America by poor people who know America will be kind, and it’s in cahoots with America’s Democrat party, which will do anything, even hurt it’s own American citizens with this kind of abuse, to get some additional peasant, welfare-enabled voters established in their “sanctuary“ cities that will blindly vote Democrat in each election.

In lieu of the wall that congress will not approve, I want rows of concertina wire strung across our border to keep these invaders out, and I want platoons of Army and National Guard troops formed to reinforce the razor wire. This is a real, although on the surface, a peaceful invasion, and we need to meet it with peaceful and strong resistance. The adults in the invading mass are cowards for using children to prevent any military type of push-back, but this invasion must be opposed none the less, because it is just a softer version of terrorism, and it‘s being directed at each and every person and family in America.