Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, May 2, 2024

The Damned Democrats Destroy Everything They Touch

 In 1996 a book written by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, titled “Destructive Generation”,  was published. The book told of the crazy fools of my generation (the 1960s) and the thoughtless, selfish destruction they committed during that decade, with their anti-Vietnam demonstrations, the “Mystique“ of Communism, Angela Davis, anti-Americanism, the universities, and the rise of victim groups that are so popular with the Democrat, woke, “progressives” today.

But today’s Democrat party has done ten-fold the damage to America these last ten years than the 60s fools did, and all of the damage was completely intentional and planned.

The craziness of the Biden years was in part due to the shock that Donald Trump presented to Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America verbiage, which frightened the pants off the far-left Democrats, because they had bought the crap of the Obama smoothness and assumed that the destruction of America would continue even after their savior, Obama, was gone. But Trump put a stop to this insidious trash and the rabid left has been trying to imprison or kill him ever since. But in 2021 the Democrats ended up with the stumbling, stammering old fool Joey Biden in the White House, and its been all downhill for America, and the Democrat party, since then.

From environmental wokeness, to the open border; to the chemical and surgical sexual destruction of children; to the continued persecution of Biden’s Republican opponent in the 2024 election; to the wasteful spending that is taking the nation to the brink of bankruptcy; to the steeply climbing inflation that is hurting all working citizens; to a weakened and woke military; to the subsidizing of Iran’s nuke development and their terrorist programs around the world;  to Biden’s highly suspicious and perhaps traitorous closeness with China; to Biden’s dictatorial edict to outlaw oil and gasoline vehicles; and to the wasting of the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve for Biden’s political benefit, Biden’s three years have cast a long shadow over the freedom and prosperity of America and the constitutional protections our citizens have traditionally enjoyed, that protected us all from a dictatorial fool like Biden.

But for all of the stupid, far-left things done during the Biden administration, nothing could have hurt America more, and nothing could have done more far-reaching damage, than the “defund the police” stupidity following the wall-to-wall riots of 2020, along with the anti-Israel terrorism that has caused many Ivy League colleges in the United States’ leftist, Democrat cities, to come near to complete destruction due to the criminal on-campus activities that pussy Democrats refuse to deal with, which means that we will get even more of these outrages in the future.

And why were the colleges sacrificed to anti-Israel terrorists across the nation? Because Joey wants the votes of the Nazi, anti-Jewish, pro-Hamas filth that he refuses to condemn. The political left is always complaining about how such historical things as slavery in America could have existed two hundred years ago, while currently Americans are asking how children can be chemically and surgically harmed, and how can Nazi slogans and anti-Jewish terrorism could be happening in 2024. How could major American cities have been economically destroyed by leftists removing police officers from the streets of Democrat-run cities? Cultural changes come and go. The slavery that American practiced 200 years ago should never have happened, and we’ve tried to make up for it. But the current destruction being done to America is the fault of radical Democrats and their idiotic policies, and they are in no way sorry for the misery they have caused for American citizens who are forced to live in the crap Democrats have produced.

Everywhere the political left gains power they kill liberty and freedom, and leftists imprison political opponents that threaten their continued possession of high offices and threaten to reverse their demented goals.

America’s elite universities have recently proven themselves to be the racists and dictators that they have long accused Republicans and conservatives of being, and they are now being invaded and damaged by the very same students that they have been radicalizing  and teaching to riot and destroy, so it serves them right. Now let’s just hope that real, serious people, concerned with real, actual education, take charge of the almost literally burning universities, which occurrence will make the futures brighter for our children and grandchildren.

The Democrat party is a coven of radical terrorists who are systematically dismantling America, and these fools must be stopped at the ballot box in November.