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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

When The Next Biden-Inspired Terrorist Attack Hits America, How Will Mush-Brained Joey React?

 Given the millions of illegal persons that the Biden policy of an open border has allowed into our nation, and given the thousands of known terrorists and just plain criminals that have already been discovered among this vast number of invaders, a responsible person can be excused for wondering how our unbalanced leader would react when the inevitable attack, or a mass of coordinated attacks, occurred across our nation. After all, the Democrat rioting the entire summer of 2020 gave the leftists plenty of practice in the art of burning and killing in American cities.

We know that Joey Biden is indifferent to the safety and welfare of American citizens and the general national security stance of our country, so it’s an easy step for one to imagine what the mumbling, stumbling fool in the Oval Office would do if America were attacked by organized gangs of illegals or by a foreign military power. I greatly fear that Joey would immediately surrender and hand over control of the nation to the invaders. This conclusion is in line with everything this thoughtless idiot has done during his three years in office, and is in agreement with every policy he has put in place. In the opinions of Biden and the American Democrat far-left, America is a colonial power, it’s a racist and a xenophobic nation, and it’s high time that this terrible nation paid for its sins against the less-well-off nations of the world who refuse to allow Capitalism to enrich their countries, and have ruthless governments run by dictators who keep their citizens impoverished and subjugated. Biden has proven true Barack Obama’s observation that Joey has the ability to f**k up everything with every decision he makes; he’s been wrong on every move he’s made during his term in office, so why would war be any different?

And if Joey didn’t survive the initial attack (in his current state of deterioration and mental confusion, he might just go running to hide under his bed with his blankie) and if Kamala Harris succeeded him to the Oval Office, she would just cackle herself to surrender, because she’s a non-serious, incompetent fool, just like Joey.

And considering the illegal things that the Democrats have done to keep Donald Trump from running for office again, such as the election interference via law-fare that the Democrats are waging against Trump with the long list of phony indictments, the failed impeachments and the special counsel investigation they put in place to give Trump a  bad name with American voters, how can anyone not believe that they would have Trump assassinated in the two months between the time he is elected in November and when he’s sworn in for a second term in January, 2025?

Our nation is in such deep crap during these next eight months left in the Biden term of office, that one fears what the crooked Democrats will do tomorrow, let alone after Trump has been re-elected in six months’ time.

As an afterthought, the movie Sicario describes to Americans the eternal, third-world hell that our idiot president has unloaded on this once great nation, and Joseph Biden must never be forgiven for the willful and deliberate sin of opening our border to the criminals and terrorists of the world. May Biden’s weak and suffering soul haunt the depths of hell, with no relief to his pain, for an eternity.