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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Democrats Argue That “Who We Are” As A Nation, Is Something We Have Never Been

For those Americans who are too young or pay too little attention to our constitution and know too little about American history, the devious and lying statements of Democrats about “who we are” as a nation will ring true due to the  ignorance of too many of our population, and will be just another in a series of lies spread to push America leftward toward the precipice.

Barack Obama started this line of political BS when he stated that deporting illegal aliens is “not who we are”.  For Mr. Obama’s information, illegal aliens have always been deported, but not since our Obama illegally and unconstitutionally opened our borders for anyone to enter, and then created an emotional crisis with his DACA edict, and Democrats are now making illogical hay out of it. This is especially harmful to America and unfair to American citizens because emotion is a dangerous thing, especially when many of the emoters have bad designs for America and plot to get a few more million uneducated, anti-American aliens north of the border who are willing to carry the Mexican flag and demand more goodies from government at tax-payer expense. Democrats plan on these new citizens to immediately vote Democrat, and that would end America as we currently know it.

And of course Nancy Pelosi took up the political line recently when she called Donald Trump a racist after he offered more than the Democrats demanded in the DACA talks on this issue, which has accompanied the looming budget negotiations. Trump should retaliate by commenting on Pelosi’s Fake Views and stress that she is a common Democrat liar, chuckle at her expense, and move on with his critical work for America.

Expanding the Democrat “who we are” misrepresentation a little further, we never saw the DOJ or the FBI involved in scandals attempting to keep a duly elected president from taking office, until the Obama administration. That kind of practice was never allowed and was not “who we were” prior to the Obama administration.  We used to assume that the Democrat party respected the flag  and the nation enough to stand for the national anthem and to show respect for our military personnel and for the police officers that  risk their lives daily to protect our property and our lives, until the Democrats took the side of the Black Lives Matter group and started celebrating the killing of police officers. The Constitutionally protected national press used to report only the news and tell the truth in their stories until Donald Trump became President, and now we get daily False News stories written for the sole purpose of embarrassing and unseating the sitting president. The Democrat party used to serve the interests of the American citizens who elected them to office, until Democrats decided to form sanctuary cities to protect people, who are here illegally, from the laws the federal government attempts to enforce. Democrats used to believe in hard-working citizens who supported their families and paid their taxes, until they discovered that they could have more assured electoral success if they kept poor people poor and on welfare and handed out the occasional crumbs to keep them voting Democrat in the next election.

America is no longer “who we really were”, because Democrats rewrite history every time they open their mouths and try to convince the uninformed among us that America has always been a socialist, racist nation without laws and with open borders.

Democrats are solely responsible for the destruction of this once great nation and for limiting the future of America and of America’s citizens by lying about “who we are“ and reducing “who we might become” under future Democrat, unconstitutional rule.