Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Leftist Contradictions To Leftist Propaganda

Following are a few examples of positions liberal Democrats claim are core principles to them, and then explanations of how the positions they claim to hold are either wrong or are not even believed and practiced by their own party (which means that they are even lying to themselves as they deceive the nation):

1.Democrats would have us believe that President Trump’s suggestion that we establish a tariff to protect American manufacturers against cheap foreign aluminum and steel is outrageous, according to the anti-Trump crowd, and will cost more money than consumers can bear. But never mind the borrowing and infinite national debt that doubled during the Obama administration, which debt will raise taxes to the sky eventually, for our children and grand-children to pay for.

2. A few years ago Obama got a ruling from the Supreme Court that blocked Arizona from enforcing any immigration laws to prevent the flood of illegal immigrants who were crossing our southern border and burdening the frontier states in the Southwest. And then, having obtained the ruling from the Supremes that would block Arizona’s attempts to enforce the law and halt illegal entry into America, Obama refused to enforce even the weakest immigration law and told the Border Patrol to stand down and let the illegal inundation continue.

3. Liberals tell us that Americans should give up their guns and let the police protect us from attacks on our schools, our person or our property, but even the police readily tell us that they are unable to be on the scene of an attack quickly enough to make much difference, and state that they are reactive-only to an outbreak of violence, and they further advise us that we should arm ourselves if we want immediate, constant protection.

4. Elite colleges are outlawing personal pronouns from their lexicon and are claiming that the usage of “he” and “she” are discriminatory and that such old-fashioned words have no place in 21st century America. Yet these same liberals not only continue to use the racially divisive descriptors of “black” and “white“, but the Democrat leader of the United States Senate just a few days ago stated that he could not support President Trump’s latest federal court appointment because the appointee was “white”. You see, dividing the nation along racial lines is still a very large and growing part of the Democrat game plan to gain back power, and the white, brown and black thing will be used even more by these America-hating racists as they attempt to build civil walls that will destroy the America our constitution built.

5. Liberals defend their sanctuary city scheme by pretending that illegals hiding in Democrat-controlled American cities are better-off when they are left unidentified, because decent, non-violent illegal aliens would otherwise be reluctant to expose themselves to the danger of deportation if they had to contact the police to report a physical attack or a robbery or if they had to call 911 for illness or injury.  The truth is that any decent, non-violent illegal alien hiding in a sanctuary city is doubly at risk from attack from a criminal illegal alien because the criminal alien is being protected and hidden from punishment by members of the Democrat party under the banner of offering “sanctuary“ from the evil, duly passed laws of our nation, and are shielded from punishment for any violent crimes they may have committed in the past, or will commit in the future. Non-violent immigrants have no protection from violent crime in cities run by radical Democrats, or to state it in the terms of a liberal, they have no “sanctuary”  from the violent immigrants that liberal mayors and governors allow to run free and attack whomever they please.